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17th Precinct

Crime | Fantasy
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Michael Rymer
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-12-30
Filming Locations: Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Jamie Bamber
Caolán Longstreet
Stockard Channing
Detective Sergeant Mira Barkley
Eamonn Walker
Wilder Blanks
Quinn Lord
Leo Shetland
Matt Long
Jimmy Travers
James Callis
John Bosson
Esai Morales
Liam Butterfield
Brandon Jay McLaren
Andres Lopez
Heather Doerksen
Samantha Shetland
Katelyn Mager
Doreen Longstreet
Luc Roderique
Frank Daltry
Robert Moloney
Deputy Mayor Ben Cole
Eric Keenleyside
Delmore Keaton
Lanette Ware
Judge Leslie Harowan
Valin Shinyei
Boyle Longstreet
Greg Webb
The Prophet
Robert Cure
Bennie Bell
Extra (uncredited)
Peter Brown
Investigator (uncredited)
James A. Swan
Fisherman (uncredited)
Did you know?
Eric Stoltz was originally offered the role of "Liam", but turned it down to focus more on his directing career.
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Caolán Longstreet: You got plans for the Equinox?
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Wilder Blanks: Oil, electricity, coal. The power that drives modern society. But what if science had never been invented? What if we relied on... magic? What if plants and fire powered our world? And what if the police solved crimes in ways that we can't imagine? This is 17th Precinct.
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Judge Ball: I really thought they could start over. I thought he could let go of the... bitterness and rage. Wilder Blanks: There is no spell to change the human heart.
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Tricia Helfer
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