23 Paces to Baker Street
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23 Paces to Baker Street

103 min
Mystery | Thriller
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Henry Hathaway
Country: USA
Release Date: 1956-07-27
Filming Locations: Barkers of Kensington, 63 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London, England, UK
Van Johnson
Phillip Hannon
Vera Miles
Jean Lennox
Cecil Parker
Bob Matthews
Patricia Laffan
Miss Alice MacDonald
Maurice Denham
Inspector Grovening
Estelle Winwood
Barmaid at The Eagle
Liam Redmond
Isobel Elsom
Lady Syrett
Martin Benson
Natalie Norwick
Janet Murch
Terence de Marney
Det. Sgt. Luce
Robin Alalouf
Bellboy (uncredited)
Ashley Cowan
Lift Operator (uncredited)
Arthur Gomez
Mr. Da Mestre (uncredited)
A. Cameron Grant
Pinball Player (uncredited)
Fred Griffiths
Taxi Driver (uncredited)
Walter Horsbrugh
Shop Assistant (uncredited)
Janice Kane
Miss Da Mestre (uncredited)
Charles Keane
Policeman (uncredited)
Lucie Lancaster
Miss Marston (uncredited)
Howard H. Lang
Doorman (uncredited)
Queenie Leonard
Miss Elsie Schuyler (uncredited)
Phyllis Montefiore
Mrs. Da Mestre (uncredited)
Robert Raglan
Police Inspector (uncredited)
Maggie Rennie
Housewares Sales Clerk (uncredited)
Stuart Saunders
Policeman (uncredited)
Reginald Sheffield
Man Lost In Fog (uncredited)
Yorke Sherwood
Leslie Sketchley
Policeman (uncredited)
Charles Stanley
Photographer (uncredited)
Neil Wilson
Policeman (uncredited)
Ben Wright
Simmons - Hotel Porter (uncredited)
Did you know?
The department store visited by Alice MacDonald and Bob Matthews is genuine shop Barkers of Kensington. The 135 year old art-deco establishment closed in January 2006.
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The curious title (a clear allusion to Sherlock Holmes) is only referenced once, when Phil helps a lost bespectacled man find his way in the fog.
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Phillip Hannon is living at 603 Regent Court, Portman Square, W[est] 1, tel: ARCade 6549.
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(At 02.40) There is a half inch of tape on the take up spool on the tape recorder. Philip asks Bob to type up what he had just recorded. Bob proceeds to remove the take-up spool (should have been the full, left-hand spool) which suddenly has no tape on it, and takes it into his office "to listen to it".
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When leaving Lady Syrett's the first time, Bob puts Phil's scarf on his shoulders, then the camera angle changes and he puts it on him again.
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The depicted Portman Square apartment is directly over the Thames. However, Portman Square is actually about 2 miles from the Thames.
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Phillip Hannon: [blind man] Well how does it look? Is it beautiful?
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Michael Trubshawe