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113 min
IMDB rate:
Danny Boyle
10 wins & 25 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2003-06-27
Filming Locations: Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
Budget: $8,000,000
Opening Weekend: $10,061,858 (USA) (29 June 2003)
Gross: $45,063,889 (USA) (26 October 2003)
Ricci Harnett
Ricci Harnett
28 Days Later...
Cillian Murphy
Cillian Murphy
28 Days Later...
Alex Palmer
Bindu De Stoppani
Jukka Hiltunen
David Schneider
Toby Sedgwick
Infected Priest
Naomie Harris
Noah Huntley
Christopher Dunne
Jim's Father
Emma Hitching
Jim's Mother
Alexander Delamere
Mr. Bridges
Kim McGarrity
Mr. Bridges' Daughter
Brendan Gleeson
Megan Burns
Justin Hackney
Infected Kid
Luke Mably
Private Clifton
Stuart McQuarrie
Sergeant Farrell
Leo Bill
Private Jones
Junior Laniyan
Private Bell
Ray Panthaki
Private Bedford
Christopher Eccleston
Major Henry West
Sanjay Rambaruth
Private Davis
Marvin Campbell
Private Mailer
Adrian Christopher
Featured Infected
Richard Dwyer
Featured Infected
Nick Ewans
Featured Infected
Terry John
Featured Infected
Paul Kasey
Featured Infected
Sebastian Knapp
Featured Infected
Nicholas James Lewis
Featured Infected
Jenni Lush
Featured Infected
Tristan Matthiae
Featured Infected
Jeffrey Rann
Featured Infected (as Jeff Rann)
Joelle Simpson
Featured Infected
Al Stokes
Featured Infected
Steen Young
Featured Infected
Did you know?
The scene when Major West reveals his plans for Hannah and Selena to Jim was written by Cillian Murphy, Christopher Eccleston and Alex Garland the night before it was shot. A different scene had been scripted and shot, but no one was happy with it, especially the two actors.
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When Jim escapes from the two soldiers who are about to execute him, the shots of the jet flying overheard were shot by director Danny Boyle. During filming, Boyle took one of the Canon XL1's home, and spent 2 days filming planes through the trees in his backyard.
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The word "fuck" is used 61 times.
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Selena and Mark claim that there is no electricity, yet when they enter Budgens to loot the store of food, all the lights are clearly on.
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In a shot across the deserted Westminster Bridge, the traffic lights at the junction of Bridge Street and Victoria Embankment are red. However, the national power grid has been shut down.
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When Jim walks into his old house, his dead mother and father are in bed, holding a picture of him. Their nails hint that they've been dead for awhile, but the skin hasn't turned color.
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Mark: A man walks into a bar with a giraffe. They both get pissed. The giraffe falls over. The man goes to leave and the bartender says, "Oi. You can't leave that lyin' there." And the man says, "No. It's not a lion. It's a giraffe."
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Mark: ...i remember my dad had all this cash.
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Major Henry West: You killed all my boys...
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Why don't the infected attack each other?
Whilst never clarified in the film itself, it has been explained in the graphic novel, 28 Days Later: The Aftermath, that the infected target their victims through smell. Uninfected individuals smell of perfume, deodorants, soap, etc., while those that are infected would reek of perspiration and dirt. One could conclude that the virus would be counter-productive if an infected individual attacked another infected individual, ergo it has evolved to exclude that possibility. On a more practical level, one could argue that this facet of the Infected is based simply upon the tradition of the earlier zombie films that influenced 28 Days Later, insofar as in such films, zombies are never seen to attack other zombies.
What are the deleted scenes on the DVD?
There are 6 deleted scenes on both the single disc and the 2-Disc Limited Edition DVDs:1. 'London Walk': A minute of additional footage of Jim walking around the abandoned London streets.2. 'Abandoned Train': As Jim, Selena and Mark (Noah Huntley) are walking along the Docklands Railway, they find a 'hospital train', which they proceed to investigate. Inside, Jim finds a mobile phone but there is no signal.3. 'Motorway Carnage': As Jim, Selena, Hannah and Frank are trying to get out of London, just prior to their entry into the tunnel, there is a scene of a flyover with smashed vehicles everywhere, some hanging over the edge and the abandoned city in the background. This scene appears untreated on the DVD as the filmmakers never added the CGI effects to remove the moving traffic.4. 'Taxi/Sweden': On the drive up to Manchester, Jim, Selena and Hannah all take turns driving the cab and acting out the character of a talkative taxi driver. The scene was cut as it was felt the characters had bonded enough and the shot didn't really work. Alex Garland also hated the scene and was embarrassed he had written it.5. 'The Infected in the House': There is an alternate take of Jones' (Leo Bill) death, with the infected overrunning the mansion and killing him. This scene also has Major West shooting Clifton (Luke Mably) and expressing great remorse for doing so. We also see Mitchell (Ricci Harnett) and Selena, looking down into a basement swarming with Infected. The final shot is West bolting a door to prevent the infected getting to him and an infected woman trying to bite her way through the glass to reach him.6. 'Floorboards': During the chase through the house, there is a scene of Jim hiding under the floorboards to avoid Mailer and Clifton.
How does the movie end?
Twenty-eight (28) days after escaping with Selena and Hannah from the military encampment, Jim awakens in a bed in a countryside cottage, his wound bandaged from the bullet that Selena removed after he was shot in the abdomen by Major Henry West (Christopher Eccleston). A lone fighter jet flies through a valley over a country roadside littered with the bodies of Infecteds dying of starvation. As Selena works on an old treadle-type sewing machine, Hannah suddenly burst in the door and yells, 'It's coming!' In the final scene, the three of them grab a a large cloth banner, run outside, and spread it next to four other banners, spelling out the word 'HELLO'. In the last scene, the jet flies over them, and the three survivors jump and wave their arms to be noticed. As the jet banks back toward them, Selena turns to Hannah and Jim and says, 'Do you think they saw us this time?'
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