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Nigel Dick
Country: Canada
Release Date: 2000-02-21
Filming Locations: Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Noah Bastian
Chad Linus
Alan Blumenfeld
Bob Buss
Michael Cuccione
Jason 'QT' McKnight
Kevin P. Farley
Doug Linus
Evan Farmer
Jerry O'Keefe
Alex Solowitz
Mickey Parke
Lauren Lee Smith
Erin Evans
Ryan Taylor
Chris Boone ("Whoa!")
Victor Da Costa
Ryan Suarez ("Whoa!")
Levi James
Keleigh Mize ("Whoa!")
Steve Best
RC Collins ('Whoa!') (as Steven Best)
Michael Curtola
Danny Keating ("Whoa!")
Tyler Labine
Noel Andrew Davies
Johnathan Brownlee
Pageant MC
Carson Daly
John Norris
Serena Altschul
Jane Sowerby
QT's Mother
Shayn Solberg
Mr. Utica
Miles Meadows
Mr. Rochester
Doron Bell
Cpiritual (as Doran Bell Jr.)
Jay Brazeau
Billy Fullerton
Noel Fisher
Skate Park #1
Chris Wilding
Skate Park #2
Nigel Dick
Sea Doo Director
Marcy Goldberg
Tina Landrum
Rob Bruner
Mike Ramsey
Daniel Bacon
Steve Braun
BJ Harrison
Moderator Spelling Bee
Klodyne Rodney
Contestant #42 Spelling Bee
Xantha Radley
Chick Contestant Spelling Bee
Barbara Dyke
Brainy Woman Spelling Bee
Dee Jay Jackson
Really Nervous Guy
Dolores Drake
Video Graying Woman
Michael P. Northey
Sound Engineer
Roger Allford
Mr. Steinmetz
Julie Patzwald
Counter Girl
Nicole G. Leier
2gether Fan
Kandyse McClure
C. Ernst Harth
Sea-Doo Dude (scenes deleted)
Alexandra Castillo
Christie Laing
2gether Fan (uncredited)
Sonya Salomaa
Reporter (uncredited)
Andrew Stone
Pimpley Faced Teen (uncredited)
Did you know?
The first TV movie made to air on MTV. It premiered without commercial interruption on 21 February 2000.
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When the 2gether guys are taking the teddy bear test the third one Bob Buss throws is a brown one and then Mickey catches it and throws it back, it is pink.
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When the manager of the group is talking to the camera after the spelling-bee performance, there is a pyramid of cups on the table in front of him, and there are three cups on the top row. Then the middle cup is gone, then back again.
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Sea Doo Director: You're on the Sea Doo, on the water, having a good time.
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Chad Linus: Everybody's talking about QT's problems. I was up there trapped in that fat guy suit literally suffocating to death, and I was still, STILL trying to contribute to the group by making as many laser noises as humanly possible.
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Bob Buss: There are five basic types in every successful boyband: your rebel, your badboy:one. Your shy bashful type: two. Your reassuring older brother type: three. Your little guy, your dewey-eyed youngster: four, and five: your hearthrob, the one that holds it all together. He's the one with his eyes staring at you from the poster saying, "hold me, take care of me".
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