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3 Godfathers

106 min
Drama | Western
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John Ford
Country: USA
Release Date: 1948-12-01
Filming Locations: Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
Budget: $1,243,000
Gross: $2,078,000 (USA) ( 1948)
John Wayne
Robert Marmaduke Hightower
Pedro Armendáriz
Pedro 'Pete' Roca Fuerte
Harry Carey Jr.
William Kearney ('The Abilene Kid')
Ward Bond
Perley 'Buck' Sweet
Mae Marsh
Mrs. Perley Sweet
Mildred Natwick
The Mother
Jane Darwell
Miss Florie
Guy Kibbee
Dorothy Ford
Ruby Latham
Ben Johnson
Posse Man #1
Charles Halton
Oliver Latham
Hank Worden
Deputy Curly
Jack Pennick
Fred Libby
Michael Dugan
Posse Man #2
Don Summers
Posse Man #3
Ruth Clifford
Woman in Bar (uncredited)
Jack Curtis
Bartender (uncredited)
Francis Ford
Drunken Old-Timer at Bar (uncredited)
Richard Hageman
Saloon Pianist (uncredited)
Cliff Lyons
Guard at Mojave Tanks (uncredited)
Eva Novak
Townswoman (uncredited)
Harry Tenbrook
Bartender #2 (uncredited)
Amelia Yelda
Robert William Pedro Hightower (the Baby)
Did you know?
This is a remake of the silent film The Three Godfathers (1916), which starred Ford's long-time friend Harry Carey. When Carey died in 1947, Ford decided to remake the story in Technicolor and dedicate the film to his memory. Carey's son, Harry Carey Jr., plays one of the three, "The Abilene Kid".
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John Ford had a greensman water a cactus overnight to allow it to be squeezed for water.
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When John Wayne is "greasing" the baby boy, Robert William Pedro, it is evident that the baby boy is actually a baby girl.
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When Bob Hightower is greasing the baby, Bill Kearny holds up his hat to give shade over the baby. At that point, the sun is high in the east. But in the next shot, when they are finished greasing the baby and are applying a makeshift diaper, the shadow from the covered wagon shows that the sun is to the west.
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Near the end of the movie, Hightower reads a bible passage Matthew, yet the bible is open close to the beginning.
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When Hightower is greasing the baby, who is referred to as a boy, is played by a girl.
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Perley 'Buck' Sweet: I'll be seeing you boys... prob'ly.
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Judge: [during sentencing] Robert Marmaduke Hightower...
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Robert Marmaduke Sangster Hightower: ...little Robert...
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Gertrude Astor
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