A Christmas Kiss
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A Christmas Kiss

96 min
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John Stimpson
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-12-11
Filming Locations: Richmond, Virginia, USA
Elisabeth Röhm
Priscilla Hall
Laura Breckenridge
Wendy Walton
Laura Spencer
Mark Joy
Mark DeAngelis
Karla Brown
Lip Sync Caroler
Kimberly Brown
Lip Sync Caroler
Chilcote Francesca
Lip Sync Caroler
Maya Hughes
Lip Sync Caroler
Chloe Lewis
Lip Sync Caroler - Soloist
Josh Martin
Lip Sync Caroler
Corey Nero
Lip Sync Caroler
Steven Ramirez
Lip Sync Caroler
Bruce Whited
Lip Sync Caroler
Jack Budd
Spa Extra
Gentry Roth
Spa Extra
Melissa Newtzie
Theatre Employee
Erin Brown
Theatre Patron
Hunter Brumfield
Theatre Employee (uncredited)
Walid Chaya
Cute Guy 1 (uncredited)
Jason Gardner
Barista (uncredited)
William Kaffenberger
Theater Patron (uncredited)
Robert Levy
Theater Patron / Ticket Buyer (uncredited)
Liz Lukens
Christmas Tree Shopper (uncredited)
Caty Nicholson
Christmas Caroler (uncredited)
Kathryn Squires
Theatre Patron
It is not explained why the choral group singing in Priscilla's apartment building (bursting into song when elevator doors open) appears later in the Christmas tree lot. It is also not explained how they - full of the Christmas spirit - shove their way unthinkingly and rudely into the elevator (while singing), trapping Adam who is obviously trying to follow Wendy out.
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Lips of a male singer don't quite match within a chorus singing about figgy pudding.
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The carriages are not the same throughout the scene. The seat color changes then you notice the carriage with the black seats is much more ornate than the simplistic carriage that showcases the actors at the beginning and the end of the scene.
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Tressa: Confession is nine tenths of the law.
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Adam Hughes: Do you often eat your work?
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Wendy Walton: No, the spark is officially snuffed.
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Brendan Fehr Jerrika Hinton
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