A Message to Garcia
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A Message to Garcia

77 min
Drama | Romance
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George Marshall
Country: USA
Release Date: 1936-04-10
Filming Locations: 20th Century Fox Studios - 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA
Wallace Beery
Sergeant Dory
John Boles
Lieutenant Andrew Rowan
Alan Hale
Dr. Ivan Krug
Herbert Mundin
Henry Piper
Mona Barrie
Spanish Spy
Enrique Acosta
General Calixto García
Juan Torena
Luís Maderos
Martin Garralaga
Blanca Vischer
José Luis Tortosa
Pasquale Castova
Lucio Villegas
Frederick Vogeding
German Stoker
Pat Moriarity
Irish Stoker
Octavio Giraud
Spanish Commandant
Sam Appel
Proprietor (uncredited)
Guillermo Arcos
Captain (uncredited)
Josefina Betancourt
Aggresive Flirt (uncredited)
John Carradine
President William McKinley
Davison Clark
Admiral (uncredited)
David Clyde
Tevis (uncredited)
Andre Cuyas
Sentry (uncredited)
Art Dupuis
Waiter (uncredited)
Juan Duval
Sentry (uncredited)
Alberto Gandero
Civilian (uncredited)
Fred Godoy
Citizen (uncredited)
Augustín Guzmán
Sentry (uncredited)
Rosita Harlan
Flirt (uncredited)
Dell Henderson
President William McKinley
Warren Hymer
Departing Sailor (uncredited)
George Irving
Col. Wagner (uncredited)
Philip Morris
Army Officer (uncredited)
Manuel París
Lieutenant (uncredited)
Manuel Peluffo
Lieutenant (uncredited)
Jose Peña Pepet
Spanish Officer (uncredited)
Yorke Sherwood
Dakin (uncredited)
Count Stefenelli
Ralphaelita's Father (uncredited)
Romualdo Tirado
Soldier (uncredited)
Pedro Vinas
Servant (uncredited)
Miguel de Zárraga
Spanish Officer (uncredited)
Did you know?
Rita Hayworth played the sister of Barbara Stanwyck, but after a test screening all her scenes were cut at the request of Darryl F. Zanuck.
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The real-life incident on which the film is supposedly based, but to which it bears no factual resemblance whatsoever, involved Lt. Rowan's relatively safe trip to Cuba carrying an oral (not written) message to Gen. Garcia from William McKinley that the US was declaring war on Spain and was eager to have Garcia's cooperation.
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President William McKinley is portrayed on screen by Dell Henderson, but with the dubbed voice of John Carradine.
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Barbara Stanwyck, though supposedly Cuban, speaks Spanish with an American accent, and English with no accent whatsoever.
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The story takes place in 1898, but Barbara Stanwyck's hairstyle, make-up, false eyelashes, and riding pants are strictly in the 1936 mode, and, in true Hollywood tradition, remain relatively unsullied despite the many perils of the swamp and and backlot jungle through which she doggedly perseveres.
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Photos from cast
Barbara Stanwyck Carlos Montalbán