A Night at the Roxbury
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A Night at the Roxbury

82 min
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John Fortenberry
Country: USA
Release Date: 1998-10-02
Filming Locations: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Budget: $17,000,000
Opening Weekend: $9,604,791 (USA) (4 October 1998)
Gross: $30,324,946 (USA) (3 January 1999)
Dan Hedaya
Dan Hedaya
A Night at the Roxbury
Jennifer Coolidge
Jennifer Coolidge
A Night at the Roxbury
Will Ferrell
Steve Butabi
Chris Kattan
Doug Butabi
Raquel Gardner
Hat Girl
Viveca Paulin
Porsche Girl
Paulette Braxton
Porsche Girl
Michael M. Horton
Security Guard
Richard Francese
Security Guard
Michael Clarke Duncan
Roxbury Bouncer (as Michael 'Big Mike' Duncan)
Richard Grieco
Richard Grieco
Trish Ramish
Roxbury Club Girl
Loni Anderson
Barbara Butabi
Gina Mari
Saturday Night Fever Girl
Roy Jenkins
Flower Customer #1
Meredith Scott Lynn
Credit Vixen
Kip King
Flower Customer #2
Molly Shannon
Emily Sanderson
Dwayne Hickman
Fred Sanderson
Lochlyn Munro
Mary Ann Kellogg
Aerobics Instructor
Maree Cheatham
Mabel Sanderson
Kristen Dalton
Grieco's Lady
Colin Quinn
Elisa Donovan
Deborah Kellner
Topless Woman
Robin Krieger
Mrs. Manicotti
Betty A. Bridges
Zadir Receptionist (as Betty Bridges-Nicasio)
Yoshio Be
Japanese Man #1
Victor Kobayashi
Japanese Man #2.
Twink Caplan
Crying Flower Customer
Eva Mendes
Bridesmaid (as Eva Mendez)
Mark McKinney
Father Williams
Chad Bannon
New Club Bouncer
Jim Wise
New Club Waiter
Patrick Ferrell
New Club Waiter
Dorian Spencer
New Club Waiter
Tina Weisinger
New Club Waitress
Christina Eliason
Roxbury Club Hottie (uncredited)
Rachel Galvin
Girl on Beach (uncredited)
Agata Gotova
Waitress (uncredited)
Andrew Marks
Clubgoer Who Slips Bouncer a $50 Bill (uncredited)
L. Christian Mixon
Guy in Corvette (uncredited)
Chazz Palminteri
Benny Zadir
Louis E. Rosas
Goth (uncredited)
Mary Ann Schmidt
Club Hottie (uncredited)
Valentin Siroon
Roxbury Club Hottie (uncredited)
Did you know?
The dance routine Doug and Steve perform with Cambi and Vivica at their first night at the Roxbury, is the same as the one Vinnie and Barney and two ladies perform in the club scene in My Blue Heaven.
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In one scene, Dan Hedaya and friends are listening to Emily play the piano. She is playing the song "Where Everybody Knows Your Name," the Cheers (1982) theme song. Hedaya played Nick Tortelli on Cheers from 1984 to 1987.
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Amy Heckerling directed some scenes (uncredited).
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When Dooey had Doug and Steve kicked out of Zadir's office, we see him following the guards down the hall. He jumps from halfway down the hall, back to Zadir's door to tell Zadir that it was just a couple trespassers.
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When Steve and Doug are walking on the beach in their unsightly speedos, Steve's hair keeps moving back and forth across his forehead between shots.
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After the car accident with Richard Grieco it cuts to a shot of them in front of The Roxbury, and yet the damage shown earlier is gone from Grieco's car.
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Kamehl Butabi: Richard Grieco, you see right through me.
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Craig: Man, I owe you...
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Doug Butabi: You can take away our phones and you can take away our keys, but you can NOT take away our dreams.
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