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181 min (premiere version) | USA:154 min | USA:176 min (restored version) | Germany:169 min (DVD) | West Germany:177 min (cut version: 120')
Drama | Musical | Romance
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George Cukor
Nominated for 6 Oscars. Another 6 wins & 3 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1954-10-16
Filming Locations: Lancaster Hotel - 121 N. Flower Street, Bunker Hill, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $5,019,770
Gross: $14,933,000 (USA)$3,413,880 (Non-USA)
Judy Garland
Vicki Lester
James Mason
Norman Maine
Jack Carson
Matt Libby
Charles Bickford
Oliver Niles
Tommy Noonan
Danny McGuire
Lucy Marlow
Lola Lavery
Amanda Blake
Susan Ettinger
Irving Bacon
Hazel Shermet
Libby's Secretary
Laurindo Almeida
Guitarist (uncredited)
Rudolph Anders
Mr. Ettinger (uncredited)
David Armstrong
Soundman (uncredited)
Phil Arnold
Agent #3 (uncredited)
Nadine Ashdown
Esther - Age 6 (uncredited)
Jack Baker
Father (uncredited)
Richard H. Bauman
Malibu Party Guest (uncredited)
George Becwar
Assistant Director (uncredited)
Don Beddoe
Studio Executive at Premiere (uncredited)
Rodney Bell
Malibu Party Guest (uncredited)
Tom Blakiston
Young Man (uncredited)
Oscar Blanke
Vagrant #2 (uncredited)
Willis Bouchey
McBride (uncredited)
Marshall Bradford
Academy Awards Attendee (uncredited)
Ruth Brady
Malibu Party Guest (uncredited)
Paul Brinegar
Man at Funeral (uncredited)
Sheila Bromley
Shrine Auditorium Reporter (uncredited)
Paul Bryar
Bartender at Racetrack (uncredited)
Benny Burt
Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)
Kathryn Card
Landlady (voice) (uncredited)
John Carlyle
Assistant Director (uncredited)
Ross Carmichael
Photographer (uncredited)
Chick Chandler
Man in Car at Diner (uncredited)
Samuel Colt
Stage Manager / Sammy (uncredited)
Heinie Conklin
Benefit Comedy Team Member (uncredited)
Charles J. Conrad
Assistant Director (uncredited)
Tom Cound
Price Waterhouse Man (uncredited)
Russell Custer
Courtroom Officer (uncredited)
Blythe Daley
Ms. Nora Fusselow (uncredited)
Havis Davenport
Paramount Starlet (uncredited)
Jerry DeCoe
Autograph Hound (uncredited)
Eddie Dew
Assistant Director at Train Station (uncredited)
Alan DeWitt
Makeup Artist #1 (uncredited)
Joe Dougherty
Makeup Man #3 (uncredited)
Robert Dumas
Drummer (uncredited)
Helen Eby-Rock
Shrine Auditorium Reporter (uncredited)
Jack Ellis
Pinkerton Detective (uncredited)
Jean Engstrom
Malibu Party Guest (uncredited)
Rex Evans
Academy Awards Emcee (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum
Ray (uncredited)
Timothy Farrell
Bailiff (uncredited)
Frank Ferguson
Judge George J. Barnes (uncredited)
Gordon Finn
Shrine Auditorium Photographer (uncredited)
George Fisher
George (uncredited)
Elizabeth Flournoy
Shrine Auditorium Reporter (uncredited)
Bess Flowers
Academy Awards Attendee (uncredited)
Almeda Fowler
Malibu Party Guest (uncredited)
Nacho Galindo
José Rodriguez (uncredited)
Wilton Graff
Shrine Auditorium Emcee (uncredited)
Joe Green
Agent #1 (uncredited)
Michael Hail
Rails (uncredited)
Robert Haines
2nd Assistant Director (uncredited)
Charles Halton
Paymaster #1 (uncredited)
Joseph Hamilton
Agent #2 (uncredited)
Jack Harmon
Dancer - 'Gotta Have Me Go With You' Number (uncredited)
Sam Harris
Benefit Attendee / Racetrack Spectator (uncredited)
Michael Hathaway
Agent (uncredited)
Ray Heindorf
Himself - at Movie Premiere Party (uncredited)
Percy Helton
William Gregory (uncredited)
Louis Jean Heydt
Ocean Scene Director (uncredited)
Al Hill
Shrine Auditorium Photographer (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes
Melancholy Baby Number Spectator (uncredited)
Olin Howland
Charley (uncredited)
Robert F. Hoy
Soundman (uncredited)
James Hyland
Assistant Announcer (uncredited)
Bob Jellison
Eddie (uncredited)
Jay Johnson
Musician (uncredited)
Arlene Karr
Malibu Party Guest (uncredited)
Jack Kenney
Nightclub Man #1 (uncredited)
Tom Kingston
Reporter (uncredited)
Cele Kirk
Reporter at Shrine Auditorium (uncredited)
George Kitchel
Reporter (uncredited)
Allen Kramer
Frank Kreig
Man at Funeral (uncredited)
Henry Kulky
Cuddles (uncredited)
Nancy Kulp
Esther's Neighbor (uncredited)
Paul Levitt
Malibu Party Guest (uncredited)
Gloria Lewin
Oleander Arms Landlady (uncredited)
Carey Loftin
Signboard Man #2 (uncredited)
Frank Marlowe
Shrine Auditorium Photographer (uncredited)
Mae Marsh
Malibu Party Guest (uncredited)
Strother Martin
Delivery Boy (uncredited)
Louis Mason
Doorman (uncredited)
Nita Mathews
Dancer - 'Born in a Trunk' Number (uncredited)
Ila McAvoy
Mother - 'Born in a Trunk' Number (uncredited)
Jack McCoy
Father - 'Born in a Trunk' Number (uncredited)
Don McKay
Dancer - 'Gotta Have Me Go With You' Number (uncredited)
Heidi Meadows
Esther - Age 3 (uncredited)
Joseph Mell
Paymaster #2 (uncredited)
Charles Merton
Shrine Auditorium Photographer (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Benefit Attendee (uncredited)
Nolie Miller
Dancer (uncredited)
Patrick Miller
Shrine Auditorium Photographer (uncredited)
Mort Mills
Makeup Man (uncredited)
John Monaghan
Male Secretary (uncredited)
Hal J. Moore
Racetrack PA Announcer (uncredited)
Monette Moore
Blues Singer (uncredited)
Ralph Moratz
Extra (uncredited)
Charles Morton
Shrine Auditorium Photographer (uncredited)
Jack Mower
Benefit Attendee (uncredited)
Tom Nolan
Child Dancer - 'Born in a Trunk' Number (uncredited)
Barry Norton
Benefit Attendee (uncredited)
Ron Nyman
Stage Manager (uncredited)
Pat O'Malley
Racetrack Spectator (uncredited)
Leonard Penn
Train Station Scene Director (uncredited)
Barbara Pepper
Esther's Neighbor (uncredited)
Jack Pepper
Chef (uncredited)
Hilda Plowright
Shrine Auditorium Photographer (uncredited)
Mel Pogue
Autograph Hound (uncredited)
Ezelle Poule
Shrine Auditorium Photographer (uncredited)
Frank Puglia
Bruno (uncredited)
Grandon Rhodes
Producer at Premiere (uncredited)
Don Richards
Shrine Auditorium Reporter (uncredited)
Kay Riehl
Hairdresser (uncredited)
Larry Rio
Soundman (uncredited)
Lotus Robb
Ms. Markham (uncredited)
Walter Rode
Courtroom Policeman (uncredited)
Riza Royce
Secretary (uncredited)
Henry Russell
Studio Orchestra Leader (uncredited)
Dick Ryan
Nightclub Man #2 (uncredited)
Bobby Sailes
Dancer - 'Born in a Trunk' Number (uncredited)
John Saxon
Movie Premiere Usher (uncredited)
Patrick Sexton
Bert (uncredited)
Harry Seymour
Wheeler (uncredited)
Joan Shawlee
Joan (uncredited)
Don Shelton
TV Director (uncredited)
Charles Sherlock
Man Trying to Subdue Norman at Banquet (uncredited)
Dick Simmons
Producer / Benefactor (uncredited)
Elmera Smith
Pasedena Girl (uncredited)
Arthur Space
Night Court Clerk (uncredited)
Eileen Stevens
Shrine Auditorium Reporter (uncredited)
Robert Stevenson
Boom Operator (uncredited)
Robert Strong
Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)
Grady Sutton
Artie Carver (uncredited)
Dub Taylor
Norman's Driver (voice) (uncredited)
Wayne Taylor
Autograph Hound (uncredited)
Al Thompson
Vagrant #1 (uncredited)
Ted Thorpe
Soundman (uncredited)
Louis Tomei
Signboard Man #1 (uncredited)
Emerson Treacy
Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Dale Van Sickel
Photographer Pushed Down in Dressing Room (uncredited)
Valerie Vernon
Marian (uncredited)
Ralph Volkie
Courtroom Reporter (uncredited)
Geraldine Wall
Esther's Neighbor (uncredited)
Ruth Warren
Shrine Auditorium Reporter (uncredited)
Charles Watts
Harrison (uncredited)
Harte Wayne
Man at Funeral (uncredited)
Richard Webb
Wallace (uncredited)
Duff Whitney
Reporter (uncredited)
Shirley Whitney
Malibu Party Guest (uncredited)
Josephine Whittell
Shrine Auditorium Reporter (uncredited)
Frank Wilcox
Frank (uncredited)
Tom Wilson
Stagehand Carrying Poles / Passerby Outside Hotel (uncredited)
Eric Wilton
Charles (uncredited)
Jean Woodley
Shrine Auditorium Reporter (uncredited)
Stephen Wyman
Nigel Peters (uncredited)
Mary Young
Boardinghouse Woman (uncredited)
Did you know?
Average Shot Length (ASL) = 16 seconds.
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The proclaimed gaf about the sound volume not changing when James Mason closes the sliding door at the end is not true. Judy says "I'll open the kitchen window so you can hear me" before she sings.
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The "shield and initials" logo on the front of the orchestra's touring bus spoofs Warner Bros. own classic "WB Shield" logo.
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At the end, Norman opens the sliding door and Esther begins to sing. After stepping outside he closes the door completely, yet the sound level of her voice is not reduced.
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Vicki and Norman's house is shown, in the distance, as being on top of a bluff overlooking the ocean, but inside the house, it appears that the house is sitting on the beach.
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The opening scenes of cars arriving for the benefit combine actual shots of a Hollywood event with ones filmed for the movie. But in one shot, taken from the perspective of a spotlight crew atop their tower, the footage of the real event is shown on the right side of the screen, while footage shot for the movie is at the left. Not only is the disparity between the two shots obvious, but the split screen is completely mismatched, so that the cars on the right appear to be moving at a sharp angle directly into the cars and building in the shot at left, and it looks as though there are two streets intersecting below.
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Esther Blodgett: [seeing Norman drunk] Mr. Maine is feeling no pain!
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Matt Libby: This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, with a whimper.
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Norman Maine: Do you ever go fishing?
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What is Norman Maine's real name?
As read by the justice of the peace when he marries Norman and Vicki, Norman's real name is Ernest Sidney Gubbens.
Why is the movie interspersed with still photos?
A Star is Born was restored in 1983 to it's original running time. The original (1954) release premiered at 181 minutes, but theater owners complained about the length, wanting a shorter film so they could have more showings per day, hence more money in the box office. Consequently, Warner Bros shortened it, cutting out 27 extra minutes. The excised footage was then carelessly handled, lost, or not filed properly. After an extensive search, about 20 minutes of actual film and the original soundtrack were found and re-added to the 154 minute film. Where film footage was not able to be restored, production stills were inserted. The missing seven minutes of footage has never been found. The whole story on what happened to the lost footage can be read here.
A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
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