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30 min (174 episodes)
Comedy | Crime | Drama | Mystery
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Nominated for Primetime Emmy. Another 4 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1968-09-21
Filming Locations: Union Street, Los Angeles, California, USA
Claude Johnson
Claude Johnson
Martin Milner
Officer Pete Malloy
Kent McCord
Officer Jim Reed
Shaaron Claridge
Dispatcher / ... (166 episodes, 1968-1975)
William Boyett
Sgt. MacDonald
Fred Stromsoe
Officer Jerry Woods
Did you know?
The "one" in "One Adam 12" stood for the area of the division they were stationed in, "Adam" referred to the type of car they drove (a two-man patrol car) and "12" was for the area they patrolled. However, "one" was the code for Central Division (downtown). Since the unit was shown working in Rampart Division, the actual call sign should have been 2-Adam-12.
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The car used for Reed and Malloy's close ups was towed by camera car. The car's windshield showed reflections of the camera and crew, so the car's windshield was removed. However, this led to the wind blowing Reed and Malloy's hair, so a shield was created to enclose the camera and front of the car.
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Fresh out of the academy, Probationary Officer Jim Reed is paired with veteran Officer Pete Malloy. However, Kent McCord had already appeared as LAPD Officer Jim Reed in several Dragnet episodes nearly a year before Adam-12 debuted.
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Whenever there is an insert of either the radio, the "hot sheet" (list of stolen cars), or when Reed is jotting down information on the pad, the visuals almost never match the continuity of the scene. Example: It can be daytime in the scene, but when the insert of the radio or the hot sheet is shown, they appear, due to the lighting, that the inserts are from nighttime. Also, the same insert of Reed writing on the pad is used whenever he writes info down. As with the errors with the radio not matching the scene, there are times when Reed is wearing the short-sleeve uniform, yet when he's writing info down, we see the cuff of a long-sleeve shirt.
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In all episodes throughout the series, during any interior scenes showing the captain's office, which is depicted as having a door and windows facing the hallway and a wall with a window looking into the adjoining office, there is never any glass in either the doors or windows.
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At the opening of every episode, the radio announcer makes a call to Adam-12 and reports some crime in progress. Adam-12 then speeds to the scene - without the benefit of the address.
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Pete Malloy: You know what this is?
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Pete Malloy: A wise man once said; great hazards accompany innovation.
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Jim Reed: You just have to know how to arrest them and still make them like you. We call it technique.
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Was there ever any Adam-12 reunion movie for television?
No, not exactly. Though fourteen years after the series ended stars Martin Milner and Kent McCord reunited in a cable television movie called Nashville Beat which aired in 1989. They portrayed two veteran police officers who had begun their careers with the LAPD and had transferred to the Nashville, TN police department. Cast as Captain Brian O' Neal and Lieutenant Mike Delaney, Milner and McCord were now back in uniform and with their police expertise they were now fighting big city crime again though this time in the deep south. This television movie marked the first time that these actors had worked together since the end of Adam-12 and their new characters were remarkably similar to their old Adam-12 personas.
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