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Adventures of Don Juan

110 min
Action | Adventure | Romance
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Vincent Sherman
Won Oscar. Another 1 win & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1948-12-01
Filming Locations: Lasky Mesa, West Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $3,500,000
Gross: $5,000,000 (worldwide) ( 1949)
Errol Flynn
Don Juan de Maraña
Viveca Lindfors
Queen Margaret
Robert Douglas
Duke de Lorca
Alan Hale
Romney Brent
King Phillip III
Ann Rutherford
Donna Elena
Robert Warwick
Don José - Count de Polan
Jerry Austin
Don Sebastian
Douglas Kennedy
Don Rodrigo
Jean Shepherd
Donna Carlotta (as Jeanne Shepherd)
Mary Stuart
Helen Westcott
Lady Diana
Fortunio Bonanova
Don Serafino Lopez
Aubrey Mather
Lord Chalmers
Una O'Connor
Raymond Burr
Captain Alvarez
Abdullah Abbas
Townsman (uncredited)
Rama Bai
Girl at Inn (uncredited)
George Barrows
Duke de Lorca's Guard (uncredited)
Barbara Bates
Innkeeper's Daughter (uncredited)
Leon Belasco
Don de Cordoba (uncredited)
Monte Blue
Turnkey (uncredited)
David Bruce
Count D'Orsini (uncredited)
Doug Carlson
Man (uncredited)
Albert Cavens
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
Sanders Clark
Officer (uncredited)
Pedro de Cordoba
Pachecho (uncredited)
David Cota
Carlos (uncredited)
James Craven
Captain of Horsemen (uncredited)
Nestor Eristoff
Royal Court Member (uncredited)
Sol Gorss
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton
Guard (uncredited)
Tim Huntley
Cecil (uncredited)
Karen Knight
Girl at Inn (uncredited)
Kate Drain Lawson
Innkeeper's Wife (uncredited)
Bert LeBaron
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
David Leonard
Innkeeper (uncredited)
Harry Lewis
Innkeeper's Son (uncredited)
Caren Marsh
Girl at Inn (uncredited)
Nita Mathews
Court Lady (uncredited)
Harry Hays Morgan
Head Usher (uncredited)
Paul Panzer
Man at Inn (uncredited)
Jack Parker
Townsman (uncredited)
Karen Randle
Girl at Inn (uncredited)
Frances Rey
Girl at Inn (uncredited)
Suzanne Ridgeway
Royal Court Member (uncredited)
Tony Romano
Guitar Player (uncredited)
Mickey Simpson
Sergeant (uncredited)
Brick Sullivan
Duke de Lorca's Guard (uncredited)
Richard Walsh
Boy on Balcony (uncredited)
Joan Winfield
Girl on Street (uncredited)
Harry Woods
Guard (uncredited)
Did you know?
Frederick Faust (Max Brand) and William Faulkner both worked on early versions of the script.
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Film editor Alan Crosland Jr.'s father, Alan Crosland, was the director of the original Don Juan (1926), with John Barrymore, who was a close friend of Errol Flynn, the star of this film.
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Finnish censorship visa # 030459.
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When the ambassador seals the letter, he drips wax for the seal and there is a trailing drizzle of wax on the paper, but when Don Juan is handed the letter, the seal the firm and there is no trailing there.
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In the scene where Leporello is shaving Don Juan, he clearly completes shaving the right side of Juan's face. But when Juan takes the razor to complete the job, we once again see lather on the right side of his face.
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When talking to the ambassador, Don Juan's earring is on the right ear, whereas for the rest of the movie it's on the left.
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Duke de Lorca: You can see we have several interesting devices in this chamber. They have the tendency to break a man's will. If the first one fails, we try another until we find exactly the right one to loosen the tongue.
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Don Juan: It seems to me Your Grace is preparing for war.
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Don Juan: [to Count de Polan] Your Excellency, I don't consider myself particularly wasteful or useless. I'm just seeking happiness, the same as any man. Our viewpoints differ that's all.
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Nora Eddington Penny Edwards Linda Lombard