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Advise & Consent

139 min
Drama | Thriller
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Otto Preminger
Nominated for BAFTA Film Award. Another 1 win & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1962-06-06
Filming Locations: Caucus Room, United States Capitol - 545 Seventh Street SE, Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Franchot Tone
The President
Lew Ayres
The Vice President
Henry Fonda
Robert Leffingwell
Walter Pidgeon
Senate Majority Leader
Charles Laughton
Senator Seabright Cooley
Don Murray
Senator Brigham Anderson
Peter Lawford
Senator Lafe Smith
Gene Tierney
Dolly Harrison
Burgess Meredith
Herbert Gelman
Eddie Hodges
Johnny Leffingwell
Paul Ford
Senator Stanley Danta
George Grizzard
Senator Fred Van Ackerman
Inga Swenson
Ellen Anderson
Paul McGrath
Hardiman Fletcher
Will Geer
Senate Minority Leader
Edward Andrews
Senator Orrin Knox
Betty White
Senator Bessie Adams
Malcolm Atterbury
Senator Tom August
Bill Quinn
Senator Paul Hendershot (as William Quinn)
Tiki Santos
Senator Kanaho
Raoul De Leon
Senator Velez
Tom Helmore
British Ambassador
Hilary Eaves
Lady Maudulayne
Rene Paul
French Ambassador
Michele Montau
Celestine Barre
Raj Mallick
Indian Ambassador
Russ Brown
Night Watchman - Mike
Janet Jane Carty
Pidge Anderson
Chet Stratton
Rev. Carney Birch
Larry Tucker
John Granger
Ray Shaff
Sid Gould
Frank Sinatra
Himself - on Recording at Gay Bar (voice) (archive sound)
Paul Stevens
Louis Newborn
Betty Murray
Lafe's Girl (as Bettie Johnson)
Meyer Davis
Director of Orchestra (as Meyer Davis and his orchestra)
White House Correspondents Association
White House Press Photographers Association
Irv Kupcinet
Robert C. Wilson
Alan Emory
Jesse Stearns Buscher
Journalist (as Jessie Stearns Buscher)
Milton Berliner
Allan W. Cromley
Journalist (as Allen W. Cromley)
William Knighton
President of White House Correspondents Association
Guy M. Gillette
Senator Harper (as The Honorable Guy M. Gillette)
Henry Fountain Ashurst
Senator McCafferty (as The Honorable Henry Fountain Ashurst)
Byron White
Washington Party Guest
Leon Alton
Senator (uncredited)
Eddie Baker
Senator (uncredited)
Brandon Beach
Senator (uncredited)
Mario Cimino
Senator (uncredited)
Roger Clark
Senator (uncredited)
Harry Denny
Senator (uncredited)
George DeNormand
Senator (uncredited)
Cay Forester
President's Secretary (uncredited)
Bobby Gilbert
Senator (uncredited)
Polly Guggenheim
Washington Socialite (uncredited)
Clive Halliday
Senator (uncredited)
Helen Hardin
Washington Socialite (uncredited)
Henry Jackson
Drink Refuser (uncredited)
Virgil Johanson
Senator (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp
Reporter in Senate Chamber (uncredited)
Evelyn Lincoln
Washington Party Guest (uncredited)
Al McGranary
Senator (uncredited)
William Meader
Senator (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Senate Official (uncredited)
Norman Papson
Gay Bar Patron (uncredited)
Paul Power
Senator (uncredited)
Walter Reed
Senate Staff Clerk
Leoda Richards
Senator (uncredited)
Carlisle Runge
Washington Party Guest (uncredited)
Mrs. Carlisle Runge
Washington Party Guest (uncredited)
Dick Ryan
Senator (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre
Senate Staff Clerk
Louis Scheyven
Washington Party Guest (uncredited)
Mrs. Louis Scheyven
Washington Party Guest (uncredited)
Bernard Sell
Senator (uncredited)
Marion Lloyd Stearns White
Washington Party Guest (uncredited)
Hal Taggart
Senator (uncredited)
Wayne Tucker
Journalist (uncredited)
Harty Wadsworth
Washington Party Guest (uncredited)
Jerry Wadsworth
Washington Party Guest (uncredited)
Did you know?
Although the character of The President (played by Franchot Tone) carries no role name, at one point in the script Munson (played by Walter Pidgeon) calls him "Russ".
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For the scenes taking place inside the US Senate, Columbia dusted off its senate set built for Mr Smith Goes to Washington.
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Charlton Heston was offered the part of Brig Anderson, but the actor did not think it a strong part. He instead lobbied for the part of Seb Cooley but Preminger was set on either Spencer Tracy or Charles Laughton, so Heston withdrew.
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Herbert Gelmen (Burgess Meredith) testifies that he lived at 2714 Carpenter Street while attending the University of Chicago. In actuality, that address is actually the address of St Mary of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, and neither a residence nor a fire station.
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Until his elevation to the Presidency, Vice President Hudson is not shown traveling with Secret Service protection. Since 1954, such protection was provided unless specifically declined. Also highly unlikely that a sitting Veep would be traveling alone on public conveyances such as commercial airliners and taxicabs, as shown in the movie.
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When the roll call vote is being conducted on the motion to advise and consent to Leffingwell's nomination, Senator Van Ackerman's name is not called. Even though he had left the Senate Chamber, the clerk would still have called his name.
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Bob Munson: He jumped the whale!
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Journalist: Senator Anderson. Senator Van Ackerman is accusing the commitee of using smear tatics. Would you comment on this?
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Bob Munson: Was that Brig? What's the matter?
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J. Edward McKinley---Was He Related to a U.S. President?
Chicago American, Tuesday, May 1, 1962, p. 15, c. 3:DOROTHY MANNERSJ. Edward McKinley, grandnephew of President William McKinley, began his acting career 3 years ago on a dare. He's in for good now with appearances in "Advise and Consent," "How The West Was Won" and two guest shots on Gunsmoke TV series . . ._________________________________
Chicago Opening Happened When?
The hit film from Columbia, directed by Otto Preminger, Advice and Consent, opened in Chicago at the Woods theatre on Friday, June 8, 1962. The picture played several weeks.
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J. Edward McKinley
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