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114 min
Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Paul Schrader
Won Oscar. Another 11 wins & 15 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1999-02-19
Filming Locations: Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada
Budget: $6,000,000
Opening Weekend: $63,979 (USA) (3 January 1999)
Gross: $6,302,154 (USA) (16 May 1999)
Steve Adams
Steve Adams
Nick Nolte
Wade Whitehouse
Brigid Tierney
Jill Whitehouse
Holmes Osborne
Gordon LaRiviere
Jim True-Frost
Jack Hewitt
Tim Post
Chick Ward
Christopher Heyerdahl
Frankie Lacoy
Marian Seldes
Alma Pittman
Janine Theriault
Hettie Rogers
Mary Beth Hurt
Lillian Whitehouse Horner
Paul Stewart
Mr. Horner
Sissy Spacek
Margie Fogg
Wayne Robson
Nick Wickham
Sean McCann
Evan Twombley
Sheena Larkin
Lugene Brooks
Penny Mancuso
Woman Driver
Danielle Desormeaux
Charles Edwin Powell
Jimmy Dane
Donovan Reiter
Short-Haired Local
James Coburn
Glen Whitehouse
Brawley Nolte
Young Wade Whitehouse
Michael Caloz
Young Rolfe Whitehouse
Joanna Noyes
Sally Whitehouse
Marcel Jeannin
State Trooper
Susan Almgren
Mrs. Gordon
Willem Dafoe
Rolfe Whitehouse
Martha-Marie Kleinhans
Lena Whitehouse
Mark Camacho
Clyde - Lena's Husband
Ralph Allison
Reverend Doughty
Eugene Lipinski
Atty. J. Battle Hand
Did you know?
When meeting with James Coburn to discuss the film, director Paul Schrader encouraged Coburn to make heavy preparations for his role. Coburn responded "Oh, you mean you want me to really act? I can do that. I haven't often been asked to, but I can."
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During their praise of the film, Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel noted that James Coburn was the perfect kind of person that seems like he could intimidate a man like Nick Nolte, who is famous for playing domineering and blustery men.
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'James Coburn''s part was first turned down by Paul Newman and then James Garner, both turned it down because they felt that it would be very tiring to play such a dark, awful character. Both actors were friends of Coburn, and Garner suggested him for the part.
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Wade gets the two beers out of the refrigerator. They are already open.
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Wade puts his right hand's finger in his mouth because of his toothache, but when he turns his back to Margie he appears with his left hand's finger in his mouth.
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When on the deer hunt, in a shot from above Jack is shown putting the index finger of his left hand to his mouth to signal his wealthy customer to be silent, but in the next shot it's his right index finger.
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Lena Whitehouse: Jesus is more powerful than any demon...
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Rolfe Whitehouse: But at least I was never afflicted by that man's violence.
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Glen Whitehouse: That's what I've got for children. Jesus freaks and candy-asses!
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Steve Adams