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Airplane II: The Sequel

85 min
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Ken Finkleman
Country: USA
Release Date: 1982-12-10
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Budget: $15,000,000
Opening Weekend: $5,329,208 (USA) ( 1982)
Gross: $27,150,534 (USA)SEK 1,929,593 (Sweden)
Peter Graves
Peter Graves
Airplane II: The Sequel
Lloyd Bridges
Raymond Burr
The Judge
Chuck Connors
The Sarge
Rip Torn
John Dehner
The Commissioner
Chad Everett
Julie Hagerty
Robert Hays
Kent McCord
James A. Watson Jr.
William Shatner
Stephen Stucker
Jacobs / Court Reporter
John Vernon
Dr. Stone
Al White
Sonny Bono
The Bomber
Laurene Landon
Wendy Phillips
Jack Jones
Lounge Singer
Art Fleming
Frank Ashmore
Controller #3
Richard Jaeckel
Controller #2 (as Richard H. Jaeckel)
Lee Bryant
Mrs. Hammen
John Larch
Prosecuting Attorney
John Hancock
Controller #1
Oliver Robins
Jimmy Wilson
Louis Giambalvo
Sam Anderson
Man in White
Leon Askin
Moscow Anchorman
B.J. Barie
Video Kid
Hilary Beane
Next Woman in Line
Craig Berenson
Shaving Man
Sandahl Bergman
Officer #1
Burke Byrnes
Ed Call
Information Agent
Michael Currie
Businessman #1
Patty Dworkin
Young Woman
Gary Faga
Mary Farrell
Alice Wilson
Madeleine Fisher
Shuttle Agent
Bruce French
Officer #2
Richard Gilliland
Hugh Gillin
Elisa Goodman
I Love Sanity Nurse
Laurie Hagen
Tad Woman
Maurice Hill
Stock #2
Steven Hirsch
Howard Honig
Dave Walters
Dennis Howard
John Wilson
Marcy Lafferty
First Woman in Line
Stanley Lawrence
Next Man
David Leisure
Religious Zealot
Floyd Levine
Steve Levitt
Creature #1
Gail Matthius
Educational Network Woman
Pat McNamara
Businessman #2
Marcus K. Mukai
Tokyo Anchorman (as Marcus Mukai)
Ann Nelson
Airsick Woman
Steve Nevil
Creature #2
James Noble
Father O'Flanagan
Kenneth O'Brien
Porter (as Kenneth G. O'Brien)
Rick Overton
Lee Patterson
Phoenix Six Captain
David Paymer
Court Photographer
Pamela Guest
Woman with Baby (as Pamela Ann Rack)
Barbie Reade
Mary-Robin Redd
Intellectual-Looking Woman
June Sanders
Pat Sajak
Buffalo Anchorman
Clint Smith
William Vaughan
Sandy Ward
Defense Attorney
Ricky Powell
First Young Man
Sean Peters
Second Young Man
Hervé Villechaize
Little Breather
Allison Hanes
Third Stewardess
Ronald E. House
Smoking Man (as Ronald House)
Maureen McGovern
Leslie Nielsen
Dr. Rumack
John David Wilder
Second Krishna
Jack Bernardi
Old Man #1 (uncredited)
Earl Boen
Doctor (uncredited)
Terry Bolo
Passenger (uncredited)
Patrick Culliton
Legionnaire (uncredited)
Joyce DeWitt
Juror (uncredited)
Ken Finkleman
Voice of ROK, the main computer on Lunar Flight (uncredited)
Monique Gabrielle
Schoolgirl (uncredited)
Martin Garner
Old Man #2 (uncredited)
Tom McGreevey
Karl Malden (uncredited)
Kitten Natividad
Woman in 'Moral Majority' Shirt (uncredited)
John Paragon
'Economy' Flight Attendant (uncredited)
William Porter
Rag Reporter (uncredited)
Stephen Powers
Reporter (uncredited)
Alison Price
Stewardess (uncredited)
Lee Purcell
Mrs. Seluchi (uncredited)
Hank Robinson
White-Haired Man in Airport (uncredited)
Jim Staahl
International Inquirer Reporter (uncredited)
Mary Mon Toy
Asian Lady (uncredited)
Lou B. Washington
Shuttle Ground Controller (uncredited)
Clifton Wells
Tourist with too many cameras (uncredited)
George Wendt
Ticket Agent (uncredited)
Tom Willett
Hospital Dipstick Patient (uncredited)
Did you know?
At the Alpha Beta base, a technician tells Buck Murdock that the piece of equipment he is working on has red lights that go back and forth, but no other apparent purpose. This piece of equipment has been seen in many science fiction movies and television shows (including Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), The Last Starfighter (1984) and an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)), but its function is never explained.
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At one point Stryker, speaking to William Shatner's character Buck Murdoch, says "Roger, Murdoch..." Roger Murdoch was the co-pilot in the first film played by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
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The machine whose purpose William Shatner's staff cannot fathom is a prop from the Regula 1 Space Station set of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982).
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Right after they blow the computer, Ted tells Elaine she'd better check the readout. When she gets up, the back of her shirt is untucked. A moment later, when she is standing at the engineer's station, the back of her shirt is tucked in.
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When Ted Stryker is attempting to land the shuttle, he makes reference to the events of Airplane! and talks about landing a Boeing 767 in Chicago. In "Airplane!" he was landing a Boeing 707. The Boeing 767 was not in service until 1982.
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In the opening in the airport, when Scraps the dog is first shot he's on a leash. When they cut back, there's no longer a leash.
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Mr. Hammen: And how about the time we hopped in the family car and drove all the way to Woodstock? Mrs. Hammen: Oh, that was a time. You got hold of that bad acid and didn't come down for two weeks, you kept telling everyone that you were Jesus Christ and then you jumped off a roof 'cause you thought you could fly!
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Porter: Can I help you folks?
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Mary, Shuttle Stewardess: [Mary is walking down the aisle among passengers] When we're ready we would like to ask you to remove your eyeglasses and shoes and place your head between the knees.
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Peter Graves Mary Mercier Lorna Patterson Louise Sorel