Airport 1975
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Airport 1975

107 min
Action | Drama | Thriller
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Jack Smight
Nominated for Golden Globe.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1974-10-18
Filming Locations: Edwards Air Force Base, California, USA
Budget: $3,000,000
Gross: $47,285,152 (USA)SEK 3,006,752 (Sweden)
Charlton Heston
Alan Murdock
Karen Black
Nancy Pryor
George Kennedy
Joe Patroni
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Captain Stacy
Susan Clark
Helen Patroni
Helen Reddy
Sister Ruth
Linda Blair
Janice Abbott
Dana Andrews
Scott Freeman
Roy Thinnes
Sid Caesar
Myrna Loy
Mrs. Devaney
Ed Nelson
Major John Alexander
Nancy Olson
Mrs. Abbott
Larry Storch
Glenn Purcell
Martha Scott
Sister Beatrice
Jerry Stiller
Norman Fell
Conrad Janis
Beverly Garland
Mrs. Scott Freeman
Linda Harrison
Guy Stockwell
Colonel Moss
Erik Estrada
Kip Niven
Lt. Thatcher
Charles White
Fat Man
Brian Morrison
Joseph Patroni, Jr.
Amy Farrell
Irene Tsu
Ken Sansom
Alan Fudge
Christopher Norris
Austin Stoker
Air Force Sgt.
John Lupton
Aldine King
Laurette Spang
Gloria Swanson
Gloria Swanson
Mary Margaret Amato
Diane - Passenger (uncredited)
Selma Archerd
Frightened Passenger (uncredited)
Barbara Baldavin
Passenger (uncredited)
Rochelle Balin
Passenger (uncredited)
Ray Ballard
Hostile Passenger (uncredited)
Billy Beck
Funeral Director - Passenger (uncredited)
Marjorie Bennett
50th Anniversary Celebrant - Passenger (uncredited)
Carol Brooks
Passenger (uncredited)
Bunny Burriston
Bunny (uncredited)
David Carlile
Fred Fuller - Passenger (uncredited)
Jolivett Cato
Passenger (uncredited)
Diana Chesney
Diana - Passenger (uncredited)
Ed Connelly
Pilot (uncredited)
Edwin Cook
Rock Singer - Passenger (uncredited)
Natalie Core
Fern - Passenger (uncredited)
Joan Crosby
Passenger (uncredited)
Wade Crosby
Andy Birdson - Passenger (uncredited)
Joyce Cunning
Needlepoint Woman Passenger (uncredited)
Tom Curtis
Passenger (uncredited)
Maria Diane
Denise - Passenger (uncredited)
Jim Drum
Passenger (uncredited)
Lou Fant
Needlepoint Woman's Husband - Passenger (uncredited)
Cay Forester
Mary Chilcutt - Passenger (uncredited)
Susan French
Violet - Passenger (uncredited)
John Furlong
Mr. Taylor - Passenger (uncredited)
James W. Gavin
Corporate Jet Pilot (uncredited)
Ted Gehring
Mechanic (uncredited)
Redmond Gleeson
Passenger (uncredited)
Virginia Gregg
Lily - Passenger (uncredited)
Bob Hastings
Freeman's Friend at Airport (uncredited)
Monika Henreid
Nini Martin - Passenger (uncredited)
Pitt Herbert
Passenger (uncredited)
Tad Horino
Passenger (uncredited)
Richard Ianniciello
Minor Role (uncredited)
Robert Ito
Passenger (uncredited)
Jeanne Joe
Passenger (uncredited)
Sander Johnson
Philip - Passenger (uncredited)
Dulcie Jordan
Iris - Passenger (uncredited)
Fred Karger
Passenger (uncredited)
Norm Keefer
Rodger (uncredited)
Lloyd Kino
Passenger (uncredited)
Gene Krischer
Rock Star - Passenger (uncredited)
Clyde Kusatsu
Passenger (uncredited)
Clay Lacy
Pilot (uncredited)
Tommy Lee
Passenger (uncredited)
Kathleen LeRoy
Kathleen (uncredited)
Terry Lester
Mr. Kelly (uncredited)
Judy Lewis
Mrs. Taylor - Passenger (uncredited)
Paul E. Lewis
Married Couple (uncredited)
Kelly Lockwood
Pat - Passenger (uncredited)
Robert Lussier
Harleigh - Passenger (uncredited)
Susan Madigan
Newlywed - Passenger (uncredited)
Lillian McBride
Pansy - Passenger (uncredited)
Lucille Meredith
Rose - Passenger (uncredited)
Dorothy Meyer
Passenger (uncredited)
James Murdock
Rev. Bob Herron - Passenger (uncredited)
Jody Myler
Passenger (uncredited)
Richard Narita
Passenger (uncredited)
Alice Nunn
Passenger with Dog (uncredited)
Bennett Ohta
Passenger (uncredited)
Win Opie
Passenger (uncredited)
Lara Parker
Lara - Stewardess (uncredited)
Eddie Peterson
Passenger (uncredited)
Frank L. Pine
Pilot (uncredited)
Jim Plunkett
Himself (uncredited)
Charles Quinlivan
Dan Vesper - Passenger (uncredited)
Araceli Rey
Gina's Mother - Passenger (uncredited)
Gayle Rogers
Passenger (uncredited)
Keith Rogers
Passenger (uncredited)
Sheila Rogers
Blossom - Passenger (uncredited)
David Saber
Rock Singer - Passenger (uncredited)
Bill Saito
Passenger (uncredited)
Christiane Schmidtmer
Angie Bell - Passenger (uncredited)
Charles Seel
50th Anniversary Celebrant - Passenger (uncredited)
Maida Severn
Cora - Passenger (uncredited)
Loretta Slaten
Minor Role (uncredited)
Carol Snow
Joan (uncredited)
Berlinda Tolbert
Passenger (uncredited)
Paul Tuerpe
Newlywed - Passenger (uncredited)
Glen Vernon
Passenger (uncredited)
Virginia Vincent
Gina Arriba - Passenger (uncredited)
Ray Vitte
Bit Role (uncredited)
Jill Wagner-Porter
Jill - Stewardess (uncredited)
Gene Washington
Himself (uncredited)
Lee Wax
Minor Role (uncredited)
Lee Weaver
Passenger (uncredited)
Jeanne Westmore
Passenger (uncredited)
Forrest Wood
Passenger (uncredited)
George Wyner
Harry - Passenger That Sees the Oil Leak (uncredited)
Sally Yarnell
Passenger (uncredited)
De De Young
Wife - Passenger (uncredited)
Did you know?
William Frye, who was producing, fantasized about adding Greta Garbo to the cast, but she turned him down flat. She found it boring to play an aged actress, saying, "What could be worse than playing an old movie star?" Gloria Swanson then stepped in and played the role.
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The in-flight movie was American Graffiti (1973).
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The second of four movies in the "Airport" series.
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Interior and exterior shots of the Baron plane's cabin do not match.
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When Sister Beatrice and Sister Ruth chat about Gloria Swanson in the terminal building, a young girl can be seen sitting in the background wearing a red top and long hair, but when Sister Beatrice and Sister Ruth rise from their seats a young boy wearing a blue jacket can be seen in the place the girl was sitting.
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In the air terminal before the flight, the flight engineer's uniform coat has the correct two rank stripes at the bottom of each sleeve. Yet after he gets into the plane, the stripes are gone.
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Nancy Pryor: The radio's dead. We're all alone now Bette.
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Nancy Pryor: Salt Lake... Salt Lake! This is Columbia 409! It's Nancy Pryor... stewardess. Something hit us! All the flight crew is dead or badly injured! There's no one left to fly the plane! Help us! Oh my God, help us!
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Scott Freeman: What's the weather like there?
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