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122 min | USA:162 min (director's cut) | Croatia:152 min (DVD extended cut)
Drama | Music | Romance
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Cameron Crowe
Won Oscar. Another 54 wins & 89 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2000-09-22
Filming Locations: Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, California, USA
Budget: $60,000,000
Opening Weekend: $2,314,646 (USA) (17 September 2000)
Gross: $32,522,352 (USA) (25 March 2001)
Fairuza Balk
Fairuza Balk
Almost Famous
Liz Stauber
Liz Stauber
Almost Famous
Eion Bailey
Eion Bailey
Almost Famous
Ray Porter
Ray Porter
Almost Famous
Kevin Sussman
Kevin Sussman
Almost Famous
Billy Crudup
Russell Hammond
Frances McDormand
Elaine Miller
Kate Hudson
Penny Lane
Jason Lee
Jeff Bebe
Patrick Fugit
William Miller
Zooey Deschanel
Anita Miller
Michael Angarano
Young William
Anna Paquin
Polexia Aphrodisia
Noah Taylor
Dick Roswell
John Fedevich
Ed Vallencourt
Mark Kozelek
Larry Fellows
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Lester Bangs
Jimmy Fallon
Dennis Hope
Olivia Rosewood
Beth from Denver
Bijou Phillips
Estrella Starr
Alice Marie Crowe
Mrs. Deegan
J.J. Cohen
Roadie Scully
Gary Kohn
Roadie Gregg
Mark Pellington
Terry Chen
Ben Fong-Torres
Rainn Wilson
David Felton
Erin Foley
Alison the Fact Checker
Jesse Caron
Charles Walker
Jay Baruchel
Vic Munoz
Pauley Perrette
Alice Wisdom
Peter Frampton
Zack Ward
The Legendary Red Dog
Mitch Hedberg
Eagles Road Manager
Devin Corey
The Who Road Manager
Pete Droge
Hyatt Singer
Elaine Summers
Hyatt Singer
Eric Stonestreet
Sheldon the Desk Clerk
Marc Maron
Angry Promoter
Shane Willard
Ticket Scalper
Chris McElprang
Aaron Amedori
John Patrick Amedori
Kate Peckham
Quiet Girl
Julia Decker
Waving Girl
Brian Vaughan
Real Topeka Kid
Anthony Martelli
Poolside Provocateur
Zach Clairville
Acid Kid
Ian Ridgeway
Topeka Partier
Isaac Curtiss
Topeka Partier
Chris Lennon Davis
Topeka Partier
Scott N. Stevens
Reathel Bean
Warwick Hotel Clerk
Tom Riis Farrell
Plaza Doctor
Laura Bastianelli
Samuel Aaron Roberson
High School Band
Brian Andreasen
High School Band
Jared Hren
High School Band
Mary Dragicevich
High School Band
Aura Barr
High School Band
Daniel Wilson
Journalism Teacher
William Barillaro
Bus Driver
Holly Maples
Flight Attendant
Matt Griesser
PSA Co-Pilot
Susan Yeagley
Have a Nice Day Stewardess
Nicole Spector
Hippie Girl at Airport
Patrick Irmen
Wanna Get High Guy
Nick Swardson
Insane Bowie Fan
Cindy Weber
Shocked Elevator Family
Kris Weber
Shocked Elevator Family
Kaitlyn Weber
Shocked Elevator Family
Kimberly Weber
Shocked Elevator Family
Kristin Weber
Shocked Elevator Family
Samer Sourakli
Mustache Boy
Michelle Moretti
Swingo's Desk Clerk
Ana Maria Quintana
Arizona Housekeeper
Lisa Buchignani
Arizona Housekeeper
William Mapother
Bartender (scenes deleted)
Tammy Blue
Chadney Brewer
Dog Walker
Emmy Collins
Hotel Loadie (uncredited)
Cindy Crowe
Anita - Startled Family Member (uncredited)
Wayne Doba
Leonard Barr (director's cut only) (uncredited)
Bodhi Elfman
Alice's Manager (director's cut only) (uncredited)
Mark J. Ferreri
Micheal Creamer
David C. Fisher
Party Guest (uncredited)
Elizabeth Friedman
Kyle Gass
Quince Allen (director's cut only) (uncredited)
Melissa Gastgaber
Sarah Kozer
Extra (unconfirmed) (uncredited)
Deirdre O'Brien
Louis E. Rosas
Max's Kansas City Patron (uncredited)
Eric Rosenberg
David Bowie's Manager
Shannon Saint Ryan
Musician (director's cut only) (uncredited)
Nicki Sixteen
Concert Goer
Casey Slade
Hardened Rodie (uncredited)
Abraham Smith
Christine Vienna
Jann Wenner
Legend in Cab (uncredited)
Patrick Williams
Evis Xheneti
Hippie Girl
Did you know?
The scene where Russell gets electrocuted on stage is based on an incident where Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley was electrocuted on stage during a concert on Dec 12th, 1976 at the Lakeland Civic Center in Florida.
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Peter Frampton taught Billy Crudup how to play the guitar in preparation for the concert scenes.
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'Frank Barsalona', who is referred to several times in the movie, was one of the first major promoters of rock band tours. His 'Premier Talent Agency' was responsible for helping launch the touring careers of Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen and The Talking Heads among others.
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When William is writing in the tub and Penny Lane walks in, Post-It Notes appear to be all over the tub. Post-it Notes were invented in 1977, and not released to the public until at least 1979. In the DVD commentary for "Untitled", Cameron Crowe says the notes are folded yellow legal paper.
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Russell is electrocuted as he reaches for the microphone, as though to sing backing vocals. The song, which plays during the radio interview scene and on the "Stillwater" CD included with the Director's Cut, has no backing vocals. However many rock bands alter songs during a live show.
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Throughout the movie, various albums and tracks are mentioned, heard and seen, even though they weren't released at the time the individual scenes are set. However, they are "of the period," and suit the scenes for other reasons.
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Beth from Denver: Your aura is really fantastic, it's this beautiful purple color!
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Lester Bangs: Don't let those swill merchants rewrite you.
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Penny Lane: You're too sweet for rock and roll.
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Why do the guys in Stillwater keep calling William "The Enemy"?
Because William is a "reporter" for a major music publication (though he's younger than most reporters are when they first start out), the band's fear is that he'll be too truthful in presenting them and perhaps be inaccurate, at least in the way they perceive themselves; they didn't want to come off as egotistical, self-indulgent or simply uncool. A first article for a band can either sink or boost their image & the guys in the band wanted to come off as an act that earned their image through hard work, talented song writing and playing & touring. At one point, Jeff Bebe remarks that Rolling Stone "ripped every album [Led] Zeppelin ever did" meaning that their reviews were unflattering or perhaps unfair. (Although Rolling Stone did originally give some of Led Zeppelin's albums negative reviews, in recent years they have changed their stance, even dedicating a issue to the band in 2006, calling them "the Heaviest Band of All Time.")
Why did Jeff & the other band members hate the t-shirt design?
Russell was the only member who was in focus, the rest of the band were faded into the background. The anger over the t-shirt started the argument between Russell & Bebe, who'd felt for a while that Russell was becoming too popular and was overshadowing the band.Interestingly, the tshirt design resembles the cover of Bad Company's 1977 album, Burnin' Sky.
What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Bootleg Cut?
The Bootleg Cut, which runs approx. more than 36 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version, features entirely new scenes, extended scenes and last but not least alternate scenes. The Theatrical Version contains exclusive footage as well but we're usually talking about extensions of a couple of frames or (in most cases) shorter alternate shots. That's why the Extended Version ought to be preferred if you have the time. A very detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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Fairuza Balk Liz Stauber Eion Bailey Ray Porter Kevin Sussman Mark Cirillo