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Alpha House

25 min
Comedy | Drama
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1 win & 4 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2013-04-19
Jake Robards
Jake Robards
Alpha House
John Goodman
Senator Gil John Biggs
Clark Johnson
Senator Robert Bettencourt
Matt Malloy
Senator Louis Laffer, Jr.
Mark Consuelos
Senator Andy Guzman
Yara Martinez
Adriana de Portago
Julie White
Maddie Biggs
Alicia Sable
Tammy Stackhouse
Brooke Bloom
Julie Carrell
Ben Rameaka
James Whippy
Kobi Libii
Aaron Stimson
Natalie Gold
Katherine Sims
Amy Sedaris
Louise Laffer
Wanda Sykes
Senator Rosalyn DuPeche
Haley Joel Osment
Shelby Mellman
Willa Fitzgerald
Lola Laffer
Richard Cox
Graydon Talbot
William Thomas Evans
Senator Lamar Farkus
Did you know?
Several regulars or guest stars on this show were also regulars on The West Wing, another series about the inner workings of US government. These include: John Goodman (Senator Gil John Biggs on Alpha House; Speaker of the House/President Glenallen Walken on The West Wing), Janel Moloney (Senator Peg Stanchion on Alpha House; White House staffer Donna Moss on The West Wing),and Bradley Whitford (Senator Ned on Alpha House; Josh Lyman on The West Wing),
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Cynthia Nixon (Senator Carly Armiston) and Matt Malloy (Senator Louis Laffer) were also both cast member in two of the other politically themed TV series that Garry Trudeau has helped to create: "Tanner '88" and "Tanner on Tanner".
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The show's creator, Gary Trudeau also created the Pulitzer prize winning comic strip Doonesbury. He is also married to TV anchor and journalist Jane Pauley who has made guest appearances on the show.
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