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160 min | 180 min (director's cut)
Biography | Drama | Music
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Milos Forman
Won 8 Oscars. Another 34 wins & 13 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1985-04-05
Filming Locations: Tyl Theatre, Plzen, Czech Republic
Budget: $18,000,000
Opening Weekend: $86,764 (USA) (7 April 2002)
Gross: $366,401 (USA) (19 May 2002)
F. Murray Abraham
Antonio Salieri
Tom Hulce
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Roy Dotrice
Leopold Mozart
Simon Callow
Emanuel Schikaneder
Christine Ebersole
Katerina Cavalieri
Jeffrey Jones
Emperor Joseph II
Charles Kay
Count Orsini-Rosenberg
Kenneth McMillan
Michael Schlumberg (2002 Director's Cut)
Kenny Baker
Parody Commendatore
Lisbeth Bartlett
Barbara Bryne
Frau Weber
Martin Cavina
Young Salieri
Roderick Cook
Count Von Strack
Milan Demjanenko
Karl Mozart
Peter DiGesu
Francesco Salieri
Richard Frank
Father Vogler
Patrick Hines
Kappelmeister Bonno
Nicholas Kepros
Archbishop Colloredo
Philip Lenkowsky
Salieri's Servant
Herman Meckler
Jonathan Moore
Baron Van Swieten
Cynthia Nixon
Vincent Schiavelli
Salieri's Valet
Douglas Seale
Count Arco
Miroslav Sekera
Young Mozart
Cassie Stuart
Gertrude Schlumberg (2002 Director's Cut) (as Cassie Stewart)
John Strauss
Karl-Heinz Teuber
Wig Salesman
Rita Zohar
Frau Schlumberg (2002 Director's Cut)
Miro Grisa
Figaro in 'The Marriage of Figaro'
Helena Cihelnikova
Countess in 'The Marriage of Figaro'
Karel Gult
Count Almaviva in 'The Marriage of Figaro'
Zuzana Kadlecova
Susanna in 'The Marriage of Figaro'
Magda Celakovska
Cherubino in 'The Marriage of Figaro'
Slavena Drasilova
Barbarina in 'The Marriage of Figaro'
Eva Senková
Marcellina in 'The Marriage of Figaro'
Leos Kratochvil
Basilio in 'The Marriage of Figaro'
Gino Zeman
Don Curzio in 'The Marriage of Figaro'
Janoslav Mikulín
Dr. Bartolo in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (as Jarolsav Mikulin)
Ladislav Krecmer
Antonio in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (as Ladislav Kretschmer)
Karel Fiala
Don Giovanni in 'Don Giovanni'
Jan Blazek
Commendatore in 'Don Giovanni'
Zdenek Jelen
Leporello in 'Don Giovanni'
Milada Cechalova
Queen of the Night in 'The Magic Flute'
John Carrafa
Sara Clifford
Richard Colton
Shelley Freydont
Anne Glasner
Barbara Hoom
Mary Kellogg
Raymond Kurshals
John Malashock
Jennifer Rawe
Tom Rawe
Dancer (as Thomas Rawe)
William Whitener
Hana Brejchová
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Hana Brejchova)
Miriam Chytilová
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Miriam Chytilova)
Karel Effa
Czechoslovakian Actor
Radka Fiedlerová
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Radka Fiedlerova)
Rene Gabzdyl
Czechoslovakian Actor
Karel Hábl
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Karel Habl)
Atka Janousková
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Atka Janouskova)
Marta Jarolimkova
Czechoslovakian Actor
Gabriela Krckova
Czechoslovakian Actor
Vladimir Krousky
Czechoslovakian Actor
Jirí Krytinár
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Jiri Krtinar)
Radka Kucharova
Czechoslovakian Actor
Jan Kuzelka
Czechoslovakian Actor
Jirí Lír
Czechoslovakian Actor
Lenka Loubalová
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Lenka Loubalova)
Dagmar Maskova
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Dagmar Maskov)
Ladislav Mikes
Czechoslovakian Actor
Jitka Molavcová
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Jitka Molavcova)
Jana Musilová
Czechoslovakian Actor
Vojtech Nalezenec
Czechoslovakian Actor
Pavel Nový
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Pavel Novy)
Jiri Opsatko
Czechoslovakian Actor
Jan Pohan
Czechoslovakian Actor
Therese Herz
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Tereza Pokorna)
Ivan Pokorny
Czechoslovakian Actor
Milan Riehs
Czechoslovakian Actor
Iva Sebkova
Czechoslovakian Actor
Zdenek Sklenar
Czechoslovakian Actor
Renata Vackova
Czechoslovakian Actor
Jiri Vancura
Czechoslovakian Actor
Dana Vávrová
Czechoslovakian Actor (as Dana Vavrova)
Petra Vogelova
Czechoslovakian Actor
Josef Zeman
Czechoslovakian Actor
June Anderson
Queen of the Night in 'The Magic Flute'
Isobel Buchanan
Susanna in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (singing voice) (uncredited)
Michele Esposito
Salieri's Student (uncredited)
Gillian Fisher
Papagena in 'The Magic Flute'
Anne Howells
Cherubino in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (singing voice) (uncredited)
Brian Kay
Papageno in 'The Magic Flute'
Robin Leggate
Don Curzio in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (singing voice) (uncredited)
Felicity Lott
Countess in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (singing voice) (uncredited)
Zdenek Mahler
Cardinal (uncredited)
Suzanne Murphy
Cavalieri in 'Axur' /
Alexander Oliver
Basilio in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (singing voice) (uncredited)
Patricia Payne
Marcellina in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (singing voice) (uncredited)
Samuel Ramey
Figaro in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (singing voice) (uncredited)
Deborah Rees
Barbarina in 'The Marriage of Figaro' (singing voice) (uncredited)
Richard Stilwell
Count Almaviva in 'The Marriage of Figaro' /
Vladimír Svitácek
Pope Clement (uncredited)
John Tomlinson
Dr. Bartolo in 'The Marriage of Figaro' /
Willard White
Antonio in 'The Marriage of Figaro' /
Did you know?
Milos Forman insisted that his lead actors retain their American accents so that they could concentrate on their characters and performance instead.
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Cast member Simon Callow originally portrayed the part of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the 1979 stage production.
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F. Murray Abraham would be characteristically in the make-up chair for four and a half hours when he had to be modeled as the older Salieri.
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When the confessor is waiting to enter Salieri's door from the hallway of the asylum, there is a woman sitting with her back to him (and the camera) talking to a patient. She is wearing a red business suit jacket with obvious, 80's style, shoulder pads.
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Severals scenes show the use of stage smoke, which looks like it was created with dry ice. While dry ice was not achieved until decades after Mozart died, stage smoke through other means is recorded to have been used for instance on the Globe Theater as early as in the 16th century. We might assume that the production crew used dry ice to portray the smoke to not foul up the sets with noxious smells from "genuine" 18th century stage smoke.
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At the beginning of the film, while talking to a priest Salieri is seen playing what looks like a harpsichord, yet the sound produced is of a piano. This is not a goof. The instrument played by Salieri at the beginning of the film is actually a pianoforte, not a harpsichord. This is also the instrument played by both the emperor and Mozart at their first meeting. The pianoforte bridged the gap between the harpsichord of the 18th century and the modern grand piano of the late 19th century.
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Mozart: I actually threw the score on the fire, he made me so angry.
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Mozart: Keep it Majesty, if you want. It's already here in my head.
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Katerina Cavalieri: I heard you met Herr Mozart.
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How much sex, violence, and profanity are in this movie?
For detailed information about the amounts and types of (a) sex and nudity, (b) violence and gore, (c) profanity, (d) alcohol, drugs, and smoking, and (e) frightening and intense scenes in this movie, consult the IMDb Parents Guide for this movie. The Parents Guide for Amadeus can be found here.
What is the music in the movie?
Why is this film titled with Mozart's supposed middle name?
"Amadeus" wasn't really Mozart's middle name, which is the author's (Peter Shaffer's) first goof regarding the title. The second goof is that Shaffer makes the proposition that the name "Amadeus" means "beloved of God," connecting to Salieri's belief that Mozart is God's instrument. The proposition, however, is inaccurate, as "Amadeus" is more accurately translated to mean "loves God."
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