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American Gigolo

117 min
Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Paul Schrader
Nominated for 2 Golden Globes.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1980-02-01
Filming Locations: Burbank City Hall - 275 E. Olive Ave, Burbank, California, USA
Budget: $4,800,000
Gross: $23,000,000 (USA)$53,000,000 (worldwide)
Richard Gere
Lauren Hutton
Hector Elizondo
Bill Duke
Brian Davies
Charles Stratton
K Callan
Lisa Williams
Tom Stewart
Mr. Rheiman
Patricia Carr
Judy Rheiman (as Patti Carr)
David Cryer
Lt. Curtis
Carole Cook
Mrs. Dobrun
Carol Bruce
Mrs. Sloan
Frances Bergen
Mrs. Laudner
Macdonald Carey
Hollywood Actor (as MacDonald Carey)
William Dozier
Michelle's Lawyer
Peter Turgeon
Julian's Lawyer
Robert Wightman
Floyd Wicker
Richard Derr
Mr. Williams
Jessica Potter
Gordon Haight
Blond Boy
Carlo Alonso
Michael Goyak
Frank Pesce
Suspect #4
Judith Ransdell
Cloak Room Girl
John Hammerton
Perino's Maitre d'
Michele Drake
1st Girl at Beach
Linda Horn
2nd Girl at Beach
Faye Michael Nuell
Woman at Juschi's
Eugene Jackson
Roma Alvarez
Dawn Adams
Bob Jardine
College Professor
Harry Davis
Parke Bernet Representative
Nanette Tarpey
Maggie Jean Smith
Girl at Daisy
Pamela Fong
Girl at Daisy
Randy Stokey
Boy at Sorel
Harris Weingart
Maitre d' Cocktail Lounge
James Currie
Bartender Cocktail Lounge
Norman Stevans
Waiter Cocktail Lounge
Betty Canter
Woman at Political Dinner
Laura Gile
Woman at Political Dinner
Brent Dunsford
Man at Political Dinner
Barry Satterfield
Street Hustler
Sam L. Nickens
Waiter Country Club
William Valdez
Prison Guard
Mary Helen Barro
John H. Lowe
Kopi Sotiropulos
Gordon W. Grant
Ron Cummins
Did you know?
In the film, Julian (Richard Gere) is the pimp for Anne (Nina van Pallandt). In real life, Pallandt was romantically involved with writer Clifford Irving during the late 1960s and early 1970s. In 2006, Gere would portray Irving in the movie The Hoax (2006), with Julie Delpy portraying Pallandt.
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The movie's main theme song "Call Me" sung by Deborah Harry & Blondie was a massive hit and went to No #1 in both the UK and USA, staying on the latter for six weeks. The song was the fourth No. #1 single in the UK in just over a year for band Blondie and Deborah Harry. The track was also the No #1 single on Billboard Magazine's end of 1980 year chart. The song is ranked as No #283 on Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and No #44 on Billboard's All Time Top 100.
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Soundtrack producer Giorgio Moroder originally asked Fleetwood Mac's Steve Nicks to compose, sing and record the main title song for this picture but Nicks had to turn down the offer as a then new contract with Modern Records blocked her from working with Moroder.
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When Julian is tearing his Mercedes apart to locate the stolen jewels, he is seen pulling the plastic off the driver's door to get a torch. He pulls the plastic right off the door, but shortly after that, the plastic is on the door.
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When Julian Kay is talking on the phone to Jill to see if he has any messages, he is told that Michelle has left him one, shortly after that, he says to Jill "Tell her to meet me at Perinos," but instead of telling Jill to let Michelle know what to time to meet him there, he puts the phone down.
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When Julian and Anne are talking on the beach, the positions of the sun and shadows on them change between shots, indicating that the shots were taken at different times.
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Julian Kaye: Why me? Why did you pick me?
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Michelle Stratton: How much?
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Mr. Rheiman: Now slap her. Slap that cunt.
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After he had been framed for the Rheiman murder and theft of the jewels then why didn't Julian just go to Det. Sunday for help?
Detective Sunday had already pointed the finger at Kaye for both crimes and even though he wasn't under arrest, he certainly was a major person of interest as far as the police were concerned. And even if Julian had voluntarily went to seek help from the detective well there was the huge risk of him being arrested and jailed. As it stood there were no other suspects being questioned so Julian most likely would have faced charges for two crimes which he was innocent of having committed.
During Julian's visit with Anne why didn't he take up the offer to join her girls outside in the sun?
That's because Julian Kaye had no interest in young women since he'd been trained by Anne to satisfy older, mature age female clients. During his visit to Anne she suggested that the girls would've enjoyed his company though the two ladies in his mind were too young and uninteresting. Therefore he said, "no way" to her offer to be with her girls. Julian enjoyed mature women because they made him feel appreciated and they paid well for his services. Plus older women had maturity and sophistication which to him the younger women lacked.
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Nina van Pallandt