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42 min
Game-Show | Reality-TV
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5 wins & 30 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-05-20
Filming Locations: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Tyra Banks
Herself - Judge / ... (274 episodes, 2003-2014)
Jay Manuel
Himself - Creative Consultant / ... (212 episodes, 2003-2012)
J. Alexander
Himself - Judge / ... (210 episodes, 2003-2014)
Nigel Barker
Himself - Judge and Fashion Photographer / ... (205 episodes, 2004-2012)
Did you know?
As of Cycle 6, Lisa D'Amato from Cycle 5 was the first non-winner of America's Next Top Model to make a guest appearance on a future cycle.
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Was the 'anchor' for the WB/UPN to CW merge.
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Each season ("cycle") is completely shot nearly a year before broadcast.
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Nigel Barker: [about Jade] If conceited drag queens are "in", she's got a shot at being America's Next Top Model.
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Jade Rodan: Elephants are in the dinosaur family.
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Twiggy: [after Kathleen's photo is poorly received by the judges] I really don't think you understood the concept of the photo shoot at all.
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Who was the shortest winner of ANTM?
Eva Pigford, winner of Cycle 3, was the shortest winner to date at 5'6.5". The height requirement was brought in after she won. It was stated that she was too short to be a successful high fashion model. Although Cycle 13 was a cycle specializing in short girls. The winner Nicole is 5'7, thus leaving Eva as the shortest winner. She is also the shortest contestant to date, excluding the girls of Cycle 13.
Who Won?
Cycle 1: Adrianne CurryCycle 2: Yoanna HouseCycle 3: Eva PigfordCycle 4: Naima MoraCycle 5: Nicole LinkletterCycle 6: Danielle EvansCycle 7: CariDee EnglishCycle 8: Jaslene GonzalezCycle 9: Saleisha StowersCycle 10: Whitney ThompsonCycle 11: Brittany 'McKey' SullivanCycle 12: Teyona AndersonCycle 13: Nicole FoxCycle 14: Krista WhiteCycle 15: Ann WardCycle 16: Brittani KlineCycle 17: Lisa D'AmatoCycle 18: Sophie SumnerCycle 19: Laura JamesCycle 20: Jourdan MillerCycle 21: Keith Carlos
Were any contestants ever injured during a cycle of ANTM?
Oh yes, there have been a fair share of injuries, including:Adrianne C1, got food poisoning..... Shandi, C2, passed out during a challenge.... Camille, C2, had an allergic reaction.... Rebecca, C4, passed out at panel due to a fainting disorder she had as a child..... Sara, C6, hurt her back during the Fairy Tales shoot (she had to continue being under the care of chiropractor afterwards)..... Danielle, C6, sprained her pinky toe during the judging challenge and had to be on crutches for awhile.... Danielle (C6) became dehydrated and went to the hospital.... Caridee, C7, got hypothermia during a photo shoot in pool with very cold water.... Cassandra, C8, got frostbite during the nude ice cream shoot.... Heather, C9, fainting spell.... Lauren, C10, cut finger with knife while chopping onions....
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