An Innocent Man
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An Innocent Man

113 min
Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
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Peter Yates
Country: USA
Release Date: 1989-10-06
Filming Locations: Royal Laundry Complex, 443 S Raymond Avenue, Pasadena California, USA
Gross: $20,047,604 (USA) Filming Dates 4 February 1989 Copyright Holder Touchstone Pictures (MCMLXXXIX)
Tom Selleck
Jimmie Rainwood
F. Murray Abraham
Virgil Cane
Laila Robins
Kate Rainwood
David Rasche
Mike Parnell
Richard Young
Danny Scalise
Badja Djola
John Fitzgerald
Todd Graff
M.C. Gainey
Peter Van Norden
Peter Feldman
Bruce A. Young
James T. Morris
Terry Golden
Dennis Burkley
Thomas B. Kackert
Vito Peterson
Charle Landry
Tobin Bell
Scott Jaeck
Holly Fulger
Philip Baker Hall
Judge Kenneth Lavet
J. Kenneth Campbell
Lieutenant Freebery
Jim Ortlieb
Convict - Robby's Death
Ralph O. Benton
1st Man on Tuna Boat
James Staszkiel
2nd Man on Tuna Boat (as Jim Staskel)
Brian J. Williams
3rd Man on Tuna Boat
Maggie Baird
Alanniss Allddero
Convict Torturer
Bob Maroff
Derek Anunciation
Ben Slack
J.J. Johnston
Joseph Donatelli
Brian Brophy
Nate Blitman
Ben Rawnsley
Cop at Jimmie's
Dean Hill
Gary Matanky
Mechanic at Hangar
Jack Orend
Officer at Bust (as Jack R. Orend)
Ernie Lively
Donatelli's Dealer
David Rhodes Brown
First Convict
Larry Brothers
Basketball Con
Jeffrey Earl Young
First Guard
Michael J. Budge
Warden (as Lt. Mike Budge)
David Meligan
Correctional Officer
Dave Florek
Court Clerk
Gary Velasco
Courthouse Guard No. 1
Robert E. Nichols
Courthouse Guard No. 2
Ron Collins
Joseph Carberry
Dann Florek
Prosecuting Attorney (uncredited)
Doug MacHugh
Bailiff (uncredited)
Peter Adrian Owsley
Tortured Convict (uncredited)
Lare Roberts
Inmate (uncredited)
John Stillpass
Cafeteria Inmate (uncredited)
Did you know?
The prison guard who looks in at Tom Selleck's character while he is working up the nerve to kill another inmate, was a Norwood, Ohio city police officer, who had been working an overtime detail outside the Norwood High School where the movie was filmed. Movie personnel went looking for an extra to play the guard, at first choosing another officer on the security detail, but when they got up close to him they ruled him out as being too short. They then recruited another off-duty Norwood city officer to play the part of the guard.
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In the final scene where Parnell and Scalise are negotiating with Malcolm in the parking lot of the Long Beach marina, if you listen carefully you can hear the carrousel band organ from Disneyland playing the Dumbo suite. This film is one of the earlier pictures from Touchstone. Touchstone is also one of the Disney film labels.
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The prison gym scene where Tom Selleck's character works up the nerve to kill the other inmate, was filmed at Norwood Jr. High School (formally Norwood High School, currently Norwood Middle School), Norwood, Ohio, in the original men's gym. Built circa 1912, the gym is the only one of its kind in the Cincinnati area with a running track suspended above the gym and bolted to the wall about 30 feet from the ceiling.
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When Rainwood stabs the other inmate with the Plexiglas shank, he supposedly breaks off the handle. Yet, the pointed end is seen when Rainwood swings the shank to the side. In a later shot, the pointed end is missing.
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At the end of the film, one of the bad detectives goes to prison and is marched into the middle of the general population. No prison in the United States allows former police officers to be sent into the main prison; such persons are always sent directly to protective custody.
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At the end of the movie, when Parnell and Scalise are driving through the parking lot, looking for the drug pickup spot, the front license plate on their T-Bird changes. Initially it has a 2FVDxxx then changes to a 2GRYxxx.
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Robby: So, what are you in for?
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Detective John Fitzgerald, Internal Affairs LBPD: [Kate has set up a meeting between Jimmie and Detective Fitzgerald at a beach location] Your wife tells me you have a plan to put Parnell and Scalise away for a long time.
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Butcher, Con: [Jimmie is walking with Virgil in exercise yard after pickup basketball game ends... they pass Butcher and his gang] That's your fuckin' shot, Rainwood.
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Why does Jimmy break the handle off the shank he stabs Jingles with?
The main reason is so Jingles couldn't pull it out. However, with most stabbing wounds where the object is left in the body, EMTs will NOT pull the object out, which may cause greater blood loss. ER doctors or surgeons will remove the object in a controlled environment, IE, a trauma room or operating room, to reduce blood loss and repair the injury. The way most of these wounds are depicted in movies, the weapon is often pulled out immediately (for dramatic effect), however, it doesn't hold up in real life.You could also argue that without the handle, the guards couldn't get any of Jimmy's fingerprints from it, implicating him immediately in the crime, hence, Jimmy drops it down the drain where they'd have less of a chance of finding it.
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