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And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself

112 min | Israel:110 min | Argentina:110 min | Germany:108 min
Biography | Drama | History | War | Western
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Bruce Beresford
Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 8 wins & 18 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-09-07
Filming Locations: Guanajuato, Mexico
Antonio Banderas
Pancho Villa
Alan Arkin
Sam Drebben
Jim Broadbent
Harry Aitken
Matt Day
John Reed
Colm Feore
D.W. Griffith
Alexa Davalos
Teddy Sampson
Anthony Head
William Benton (as Anthony Stewart Head)
Kyle Chandler
Raoul Walsh
Saul Rubinek
Eli Morton
Cosme Alberto
Abraham Sanchez
Damián Alcázar
Gen. Rodolfo Fierro
Pedro Armendáriz Jr.
Don Luis Terrazas (as Pedro Armendáriz)
Fernando Becerril
Michael F. Boyle
Sgt. Edward Emerson
Steven Calcote
Reporter #1
Rita López Carrasco
Carl Dillard
Charles Rosher
Omar Espino
Anastacio Sanchez (as Omar Éspino)
Marcelo García
Gen. Toribio Ortega
Peter Gregory
William Randolph Hearst
Adrián Hernández
Peon woman
Isaías Jiménez
Peon man
Jorge Jimenez
Gen. Hipolito Villa
Jay Kimball
W. H. Lawrence
Jake Koenig
Reporter #2
José Manuel Lambarri
Gen. José Refugio Velasco
Madeline Lee
Drebben's Mother
Benjamin Long
Duffy Dorfman
José Concepción Macías
President Victoriano Huerta
Mauricio Magaña
Older Abraham Sánchez
Barbara May
Irene Hunt
Lorena Mínguez
Peon daughter
Darrell Pritchett
Senator Albert Fall
María Guillermina Ramírez
Esperanza Sánchez
Gabriela Reynoso
Señora Madrigal
Guillermo Ríos
Federale Officer #1 (as Guillermo Rios)
Diego Sandoval
Gen. Felipe Ángeles
Patricia Schweers
Zenia the make-up lady
Julian Sedgwick
Carl von Hoffman
Sacha Oberlander Tasletikye
Adrian Brodsky
John Wharton
Hennie Ausenberg
Lilia Zelinna
Cesar Di Parra
Harmonica Player (uncredited)
Lynnanne Zager
Actress (uncredited)
Did you know?
The actual contract that Pancho Villa signed with Frank N. Thayer and the Mutual Film Company on 5 January 1914 to film the battle of Ojinaga still exists and is in a museum in Mexico City.
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WILHELM SCREAM: At 8:56 when Frank Thayer (Eion Bailey) is looking through his binoculars at a Federale being killed by thrown dynamite.
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Pancho Villa was actually considered a "Producer" on this film by Biograph Company.
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The screen title "May 9, 1914 - New York City" appears over a shot of Times Square. A billboard reads "The Broadway Melody - Metro Goldwyn Mayer". That studio was founded in 1924, and that movie was released in 1929.
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At the beginning of the film, Pancho Villa makes a remark about Charlie Chaplin. This scene takes place sometime between the end of 1913 and the beginning of 1914. Chaplin made his screen debut in January 1914. In any case, there's no chance that Pancho Villa would have known Chaplin's films, considering that at that time (1914) the future star was just only another Keystone employee.
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Griffith is shown to be making a short western in New York in 1914. It is a very cloudy and overcast day. In reality, Griffith has already moved his stock company out to California by then, plus he would have known not to shoot on such a cloudy day (there would not be enough light for the exposure). He also did not film any westerns in 1914, and would have been at work on The Battle of the Sexes at this time.
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D.W. Griffith: [on Pancho Villa] He's the James Boys, he's Billy the Kid, he's Napoleon all in one.
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Pancho Villa: [to Frank, in spanish] Cover my ass.
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Pancho Villa: [after hearing a gunshot] Sometimes justice can be loud.
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Photos from cast
Eion Bailey Michael McKean