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44 min (110 episodes)
Action | Drama | Fantasy | Thriller
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Nominated for Primetime Emmy. Another 12 wins & 42 nominations
Country: USA
Filming Locations: 10000 Washington Blvd, Culver City, California, USA
David Boreanaz
Alexis Denisof
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
J. August Richards
Charles Gunn
Andy Hallett
Amy Acker
Winifred 'Fred' Burkle
Did you know?
In the Robert Crais novel The Sentry, Elvis Cole jokingly says they saw a victim in a vision; the Elvis Cole novels are always set in Los Angeles, like this series, and in the early days of the show, it was about Angel helping someone that Doyle and than later Cordelia saw in a vision.
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Each episode has quick flashes of images between most scenes. In Angel: Epiphany (2001), for instance, between the scene with Angel and Darla and the scene where Angel goes to save Kate, there is a quick flash of a crew member holding a slate marker.
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Angel's car is a Black 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX convertible.
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A goof seen in archive footage from Angel: City of... that appears in the opening credits of every episode is when Angel is walking down an alley. In a puddle of water you can see his reflection.
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Angel: Stop calling me pastries!
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Allen Doyle: [phone rings, Doyle answers] Angel Investigations. We hope you're helpless.
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Fred: [to Wes in a dream] Don't you understand that I'm gone?
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What happened to Kate Lockley and Dennis the Ghost?
I. Kate Lockley: Detective Lockley was part of Angel for the first two seasons and a potential love interest for Angel. The actress Elisabeth Röhm was also performing on Law & Order at the same time. After season two of Angel she originally planned to do both shows. However, with Law & Order being filmed in New York, it wasn't realistic for her to frequently fly back and forth. Having decided to stay with Law & Order, Kate eventually disappeared from the Angel cast. In the course of her run on the series, Kate let her career spiral out of control after Angel came into her life, and especially following her father's death. She became known around the precinct for following up on bizarre, occult-related leads. She was forced to resign from her job and attempted to kill herself. Angel saved her, and it was in this that she found the strength to go on, as she had never invited him into her home, yet he was still able to enter and save her life. It's safe to say that she was going on to brighter pastures rather than being stuck in L.A. knowing what goes bump in the night. However, in the canonical Angel: After The Fall comic book, which continues the story of AtS following season five, Kate returns and joins the new Angel Investigations.One rumour was that Angel and Groosulag would meet Kate Lochley as a working girl in the bordello they visit in 'Couplet'. Another was that she was the stripper dancing for Spike in 'Soul Purpose'. Neither occured however as Elizabeth Rhom who played the part was too busy as a regular on 'Law&Order'II. Dennis the Ghost: The last we "saw" him was when the gang was packing Cordelia's (Charisma Carpenter) things in Angel: Deep Down (#4.1). Dennis is a ghost, and ghosts usually have to haunt a particular place, so he probably couldn't leave the apartment. If Cordelia's apartment was rented to someone else, presumably Dennis stayed with the apartment.
How can a vampire die on Angel? Is it different than in other stories?
You can't 'kill' a vampire, as they are already technically dead (undead?). They can be destroyed, however; in these shows, they use the term 'dusting,' as when one of the following methods is applied, both vampire and his clothes turn to dust in a matter of seconds.1. Wooden stake directly to the heart. Any wooden object will do (Willow uses a pencil!) as long it's directly into the non-beating, walnutty heart. No other similar attacks will work, and we frequently see Angel stabbed, shot, impaled and pummelled with only pain and injury ensuing.2. Decapitation. Removal of the head, and only the head, will dust a vampire. Cutting off any other part of their body will not kill them nor dust the removed part, and the part does not regenerate.3. Sunlight. Exposure to natural direct sunlight causes a vampire to ignite, then dust. However, older vampires seem to be able to stand some exposure (depending on how important they are to the story!).4. Fire. If set on fire and completely engulfed in flames, the vampire once again smokes, then dusts. Once again, this is not always consistent.Other things usually associated with killing vampires like Holy Water and crucifixes seem to burn, smoke and cause great pain (The Trial, Destiny, etc.), but not necessarily kill. Cordelia hangs garlic in her room with no explanation (Angel: Rm w/a Vu (#1.5)). Silver is never mentioned.
How old is Angel (and for that matter Spike, Drusilla and Darla)?
Their sirings are all shown in flashbacks:Darla (Julie Benz) sired in Colonial Virginia in 1609 by the Master. (Mark Metcalf)Angelus(David Boreanaz) in Galway Ireland in 1753 by Darla.Drusilla(Juliet Landau) in London in 1860 by Angelus.Spike (James Marsters) in London in 1880 by Drusilla.These seem to be the dates from which their ages are tallied. Although, if you want to get really technical, Liam (Angel) was born in 1727 (and is referred to as "a man of just 20 years and 6" at his funeral). Angel also lost at least 100 years in a hell dimension, but never seems to count those years when calculating his age. As to why their ages are sometimes fudged in the series, there are three possibilities. One is that Giles' (Anthony Head) books are wrong. Another is that, after a few centuries, you begin to forget your exact age. The third is that the writers forgot.
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