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Angel Face

91 min
Crime | Drama | Film-Noir | Thriller
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Otto Preminger
Country: USA
Release Date: 1952-12-11
Filming Locations: Beverly Hills Fire Department, Beverly Hills, California, USA
Robert Mitchum
Frank Jessup
Jean Simmons
Diane Tremayne Jessup
Mona Freeman
Mary Wilton
Herbert Marshall
Mr. Charles Tremayne
Leon Ames
Fred Barrett
Barbara O'Neil
Mrs. Catherine Tremayne
Kenneth Tobey
Bill Crompton
Raymond Greenleaf
Arthur Vance
Griff Barnett
The Judge
Robert Gist
Morgan Farley
Jim Backus
Dist. Atty. Judson
Grandon Rhodes
Prison Chaplain (scenes deleted)
Charles Tannen
TV Broadcaster (scenes deleted)
Ralph Volkie
Good Humor Man (scenes deleted)
Peggy Walker
TV Girl (scenes deleted)
Lucille Barkley
Waitress (uncredited)
Larry J. Blake
Det. Brady (uncredited)
Morgan Brown
Harry - Proprietor of Diner (uncredited)
Mary Jane Carey
Woman (uncredited)
Jack Chefe
Man (uncredited)
Clark Curtiss
Reporter (uncredited)
Roy Darmour
Assistant District Attorney (uncredited)
Jack Ellis
Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Bess Flowers
Shirley - Barrett's Secretary (uncredited)
Alex Gerry
Frank's Attorney (uncredited)
Robert Haines
Stenotype Operator (uncredited)
Charmienne Harker
Miss Preston - Secretary (uncredited)
Theresa Harris
Nurse Theresa (uncredited)
James Hope
Detective (uncredited)
Marvin Jones
Policeman (uncredited)
Pete Kellett
Detective (uncredited)
Frank Kumagai
Ito - Tremayne Butler (uncredited)
Mike Lally
Reporter (uncredited)
Herbert Lytton
Doctor (uncredited)
Lewis Martin
Police Sergeant (uncredited)
Mary Lee Martin
Patient (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor
Bailiff (uncredited)
Bob Peoples
Reporter (uncredited)
Charlotte Portney
Patient (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre
Court Clerk (uncredited)
Sammy Shack
Man (uncredited)
Cora Shannon
Patient (uncredited)
George Sherwood
Man (uncredited)
Carl Sklover
Man (uncredited)
Amzie Strickland
Woman (uncredited)
Brick Sullivan
Deputy Sheriff Kelly (uncredited)
Max Takasugi
Chiyo - Tremayne Maid (uncredited)
Doreen Tryden
Patient (uncredited)
Buck Young
Assistant District Attorney (uncredited)
Did you know?
Prior to a 6/21/11 airing on TCM, Robert Osborne revealed that this was the final film of Jean Simmons under her contract with Howard Hughes--he'd bought it without her knowledge from J. Arthur Rank Studios in England. Her displeasure led her to cut her hair off, knowing that Hughes preferred long-haired leading ladies and thinking it might prevent him from utilizing her before the contract's end date. Instead, he put her in this film and she was given a wig to wear throughout. He also promised director Otto Preminger a bonus if he finished shooting before Simmons' contract expires, which he collected.
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The two climactic auto scenes were filmed at Cielo Drive and Davies Drive in Beverly Hills, California.
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When Robert Mitchum got fed up with repeated re-takes in which director Otto Preminger ordered him to slap Jean Simmons across the face, he turned around and slapped Preminger, asking whether it was this way he wanted it. Preminger immediately demanded of producer Howard Hughes that Mitchum be replaced. Hughes refused.
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(00:02:56) The shadow of the microphone at the top of the headboard is visible, right after Mrs. Tremayne says "Someone tried to murder me." Then the microphone (shadow) turns to the left towards another actor.
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After Diane insists on paying for dinner, Frank declines her offer, noting that he can afford it even on his salary. He takes out his wallet and places money on the table. Diane then later says, "At least let me pay for my half." He obliges. She takes out her purse and gives him some cash. Frank then picks up the money he had put down (which would have covered the full bill), puts her money (covering half the bill) down in its place, and gives her all of his money, which she puts in her purse. Nobody ends up paying for Frank's half and Diane ends up with more money than she started with.
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Frank Jessup: [of Diane's 'evil' stepmother] ... If she's tryin' to kill you, why did she turn on the gas in her own room first?
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Frank Jessup: [to Mary] You know something? You're a pretty nice guy - for a girl.
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Gertrude Astor