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Anna Lee

120 min (5 episodes)
Crime | Drama
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Country: UK
Release Date: 1994-02-27
Kate Alderton
Kate Alderton
Anna Lee
Imogen Stubbs
Imogen Stubbs
Anna Lee
Brian Glover
Selwyn Price
John Rowe
Commander Martin Brierly
Peter Wight
Bernie Schiller
Wil Johnson
Stevie Johnson
Sonia Graham
Beryl Doyle
Ceri Jackson
Ros Russell
Sally Baxter
Maggie Daniels
Jack Shute
Matthew Daniels
Did you know?
Four major characters were played by different actors from those who played them in the pilot Anna Lee: Headcase (1993). These were: Commander Martin Brierly (Michael Bryant in the pilot; John Rowe in the series), Beryl Doyle (Barbara Leigh-Hunt in the pilot; Sonia Graham in the series), Bernie Schiller (Ken Stott in the pilot; Peter Wight in the series) and Stevie Johnson (David Harewood in the pilot; Wil Johnson in the series).
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Only six stories (the pilot Anna Lee: Headcase (1993) and the five episodes of this series) were filmed. Author Liza Cody stopped writing Anna Lee mystery novels because of the television movies. The rights had already been purchased for any future Anna Lee novels that she might write. However because she was unsatisfied with the way that the previous books had been adapted, she said she wouldn't write any more of them; instead she focused on the Eva Wylie books.
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