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60 min (8891 episodes) | USA:30 min (1964-1975) | USA:60 min (1975-1979 and 1980-1999) | USA:90 min (1979-1980) | USA:60 min (2003)
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Nominated for Primetime Emmy. Another 43 wins & 172 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1964-05-04
Filming Locations: Arizona, USA
Luke Perry
Luke Perry
Another World
Lauren Pratt
Lauren Pratt
Another World
Stephen Schnetzer
Cass Winthrop
Victoria Wyndham
Rachel Davis Matthews Clark Frame Cory Cory Cory Hutchins
Les Brandt
Rafael Santierro
Amy Carlson
Josephine 'Josie' Watts (Matthews) Sinclair #2 / ... (46 episodes, 1993-1998)
Michelle Hurd
Dana Kramer #2
Anne Heche
Vicky Hudson
Kale Browne
Michael Hudson
Paul Michael Valley
Ryan Harrison (31 episodes, 1991-1993)
Alicia Coppola
Lorna Devon
Joseph Barbara
Joseph Carlino
Lance Gutterman
Tim (28 episodes, 1996-1999)
Robin Christopher
Lorna Devon
Did you know?
Originally, Mac and Rachel were not planned to have a romantic coupling. Writer Head writer Harding Lemay noticed the chemistry between actors Douglass Watson and Victoria Wyndham, and wrote a slow-developing love story for them. Fearing backlash from viewers who may have found an older man-younger woman relationship tasteless, Lemay penned chance encounters for the two characters, which led to innocent yet intimate conversations. By the time the characters had their first kiss, the story had gone on for six months.
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The show celebrated it 25th anniversary with a week long anniversary commemorating Cory Publishing's 25th anniversary, enabling many fan favorites from the past to return to help take part. Jacquie Courtney, Beverly Penberthy, Nick Coster, Dorothy Lyman, Christine Jones and George Reinholt were among those who returned for the proceedings. Former AW stars who were asked to participate but declined to guest star included Susan Sullivan, Maeve Kinkead, Christopher Rich and Leon Russom.
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Hugh Marlowe's final TV series/project.
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