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117 min
Drama | History | War
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Edward Dmytryk
Country: Italy
Release Date: 1968-07-24
Filming Locations: Royal Palace, Caserta, Campania, Italy
Robert Mitchum
Dick Ennis (war correspondent, International Press)
Peter Falk
Cpl. Jack Rabinoff
Robert Ryan
General Carson
Earl Holliman
Platoon Sgt. Abe Stimmler
Mark Damon
Wally Richardson
Arthur Kennedy
Maj. Gen. Jack Lesley
Reni Santoni
Pvt. Movie
Joseph Walsh
Thomas Hunter
Pvt. Andy
Anthony Steel
Gen. Marsh
Patrick Magee
Gen. Starkey
Arthur Franz
Maj. Gen. Luke Howard
Tonio Selwart
Gen. Van MacKensen
Elsa Albani
Wayde Preston
Col. Hendricks
Venantino Venantini
Capt. Burns
Annabella Andreoli
Wolfgang Preiss
Field Marshal Albert Kesselring
Marcella Valeri
Enzo Turco
Wolfgang Hillinger
Hans (the sniper)
Jed Curtis
Col. Stelzer
Vittoria Dal Verme
Neapolitan girl
Giorgia Della Giusta
Neapolitan girl
Gene Evans
Jess Cooney
Stefanella Giovannini
Dante Maggio
Neapolitan street hawker
Tiberio Mitri
Carmen Scarpitta
Neapolitan girl
Elisabeth Tompson
Richard Arlen
Capt. Gannon (uncredited)
William Conroy
German Soldier (uncredited)
Herbert Fux
Officer on Phone (uncredited)
Did you know?
Post war General Lucas who commanded American forces as Anzio visited war hero Audie Murphy on a movie set. Murphy, who had served at Anzio returned his salute but refused to shake his hand as he held him responsible for the deaths of many men during the battle.
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Peter Falk in his 2006 auto-biography 'Just One Thing: Stories of My Life' states that he didn't like the script for this movie which he thought was hackneyed and full of cliché. Falk wanted to leave the film for these reasons. However, producer Dino De Laurentiis encouraged Falk to stay by giving him film poster name-above-the-title credit as well as choice of writer for his dialogue. Falk stayed on the picture and apparently actually wrote his own dialogue.
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Location filming for this movie was conducted in and around the environs of Rome, Italy.
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A shortage of German machine guns must have blighted filming as clearly seen in the ambush scene with the German troops in hollow haystacks - rather than using MG 38 or MG 42 machine guns they use British Army Mk1 Bren Guns & American M1918 Browning Automatic Rifles (although it could be very loosely argued the Bren guns were captured British munitions from earlier in the war, however there would be ammunition compatibility problems as German 7.92x57 ammunition won't work in .303 weapons).
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Toward the beginning of the film, Cpl. Jack Rabinoff (Peter Falk) is in the back of a Red Cross ambulance with three prostitutes. Rabinoff grabs a shoebox-sized box labeled "Hershey's Milk Chocolate Multi Pack" with a "1968 design" of the Hershey logo. One of the prostitutes reaches into the box and pulls out a "1968 design" box of Brach's Milk Chocolate Stars. In addition to the two anachronisms, Hershey's and Brach's are two separate companies.
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Two different figures are given for the casualties suffered by the Rangers during the ambush - 776 and 767 (+ 7 survivors).
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Dick Ennis: [attending to Rabinoff who went into sudden convulsions] Look, fellows, I think he can use the air more then the company, okay? Anything anybody can do?
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Dick Ennis: [talking on the radio intercom] Hello beachhead. this is Dick Ennis.I'm somewhere in the Alban Hills with the survivors. Sorry to take you away from the gaming table general, but I thought you should know you lost a couple pins off your chart. 1st and 2nd Rangers battalions have been wiped out. Did you read that? Of 767 men, there are 7 survivors left to see the result of one more royal foul-up. but this one's unique. This didn't happen because a general was too reckless. But because a general was too cautious! How about that? An entire outfit wiped out because the general was timid. I know it rarely happens that way general, but it sure as hell happened here. A timid general. He walked them into a park and left them in a graveyard.
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Dick Ennis: [referring to a radio that went dead] Ain't that a bitch? A dumb, dirty stupid useless bitch!
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Giancarlo Giannini