Are You Being Served?
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Are You Being Served?

28 min (69 episodes)
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1 nomination
Country: UK
Release Date: 1972-09-08
Filming Locations: Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England, UK
Harold Bennett
Harold Bennett
Are You Being Served?
Candy Davis
Candy Davis
Are You Being Served?
Vivienne Johnson
Vivienne Johnson
Are You Being Served?
Mollie Sugden
Mrs. Betty Slocombe
John Inman
Mr. Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries
Frank Thornton
Captain Stephen Peacock
Wendy Richard
Miss Shirley Brahms
Nicholas Smith
Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold
Trevor Bannister
Mr. Dick Lucas
Arthur English
Mr. Beverley Harman
Arthur Brough
Mr. Ernest Grainger
Did you know?
The "lift voice" heard during the theme song played in each episode is that of Stephanie Gathercole who plays Mr. Rumbold's secretary in the earliest episodes.
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With the death of Frank Thornton (Captain Stephen Peacock) on March 16, 2013 at age 92, the only member of the original cast still living is Nicholas Smith (Mr. Cuthbert Rumbold).
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Producer Garry Marshall created a 1979 pilot for an American version of Are You Being Served? (1972). It was titled "Beanes of Boston", and was screened but never found a network buyer.
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Throughout the series, the scripts constantly change the location of the Ladies' and Gentlemens' departments, sometimes referring to it being on the third floor, sometimes on the fourth. Also, the theme song lyrics indicate the department is on the first floor.
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Throughout the series, the entire staff of the floor takes breaks together. That would mean that the entire floor would be closed due to lack of employees during break times. Indeed, one episode specifically deals with this problem. Mr. Grace feels that they are losing too much business during this hour, and pushes the lunch break back to later in the afternoon, leading the staff to hit the roof.
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The sex of Mrs. Slocombe's cat, Tiddles, frequently changes from him to her.
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Mrs. Slocombe: ...and I am unanimous in this!
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Mr. Humphries: [discussing having to hang onto backs of buses and skateboard to Grace Brothers to save money] I had just bent down to tighten my nuts, and there was a double yellow line, see? And next thing I knew, there was policeman behind me. He put a sticker on my helmet and tried to clamp me.
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Mr. Humphries: [deep voice] Menswear.
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