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300 min
Drama | History
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David Caffrey
4 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1999-10-10
Filming Locations: Carton House, Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland
Siân Phillips
Narrator / ... (6 episodes, 1999)
Alun Armstrong
Henry Fox
Ben Daniels
Lord Kildare
Serena Gordon
Lady Caroline / ... (5 episodes, 1999)
Anne-Marie Duff
Lady Louisa / ... (4 episodes, 1999)
Toby Jones
Ste Fox
Tom Mullion
Thomas Conolly
Jodhi May
Lady Sarah (4 episodes, 1999)
Hugh Sachs
Charles James Fox
Tom Beard
Charles 3rd Duke of Richmond
Andrew Fitzsimons
Young Edward Fitzgerald
Brendan Morrissey
Fox's Butler (3 episodes, 1999)
Clive Swift
King George II
Katherine Wogan
Mary 3rd Duchess of Richmond (3 episodes, 1999)
Did you know?
The beaded necklace Geraldine Somerville (Lady Emily) wears during the scene in which her character reads a letter from her son, who is at Eton, is the same necklace Kate Beckinsale (Emma Woodhouse) wears when she sings with Frank Churchill at Randalls in _Emma (1996)(TV)_.
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The gold and jewel encrusted gown worn by Jodhi May (as Lady Sarah) to the court of the newly crowned George III was previously worn by Helen Mirren as Queen Charlotte in The Madness of King George (1994).
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Geraldine Somerville, who was the principal actress playing the second Lennox sister Emily, appears in the background as a mourner in the scene where Lady Caroline and Mr. Fox are talking at a funeral in the first episode of the series. At this point in the story, the character of Emily is a child so Geraldine was available as an extra and the casting directors didn't think anyone would notice.
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Lady Emily: Is not the act of love... strange? Jimmy says that its frequent use is necessary to a woman's health and happiness.
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Geraldine Somerville