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Drama | Sci-Fi
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Country: USA
Filming Locations: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Gil Bellows
Harris Enzmann
Brian Van Holt
Captain William Denninger
Andrea Roth
Dr. Juliet Bryce (6 episodes, 2014)
Brandon P Bell
Aaron Gault (6 episodes, 2014)
Jacqueline Byers
Nora Bryce (6 episodes, 2014)
Tiffany Lonsdale
Emily Vanderhaus (6 episodes, 2014)
P.J. Boudousqué
James Toback
Brad Carter
John Stokes
Ryan Robbins
Duke Vanderhaus
Wendy Crewson
Katherine Warren (6 episodes, 2014)
Al Sapienza
Councilman Rose
John Ralston
Robert Bryce
Amanda Thomson
Lorelei Wright (6 episodes, 2014)
Jessica Sipos
Jackie (6 episodes, 2014)
Rachael Crawford
Ophelia (6 episodes, 2014)
Mark Camacho
Martin Carillo
Michelle Mylett
Presley Delon (6 episodes, 2014)
Lauren Lee Smith
Samantha Krueger
Aliyah O'Brien
Eva Marceau (5 episodes, 2014)
Sebastian Pigott
Ike Messmer
Taylor St. Pierre
Dwight Crouch
Sandi Ross
(3 episodes, 2014)
Hannah Saunders
New Stewardess (3 episodes, 2014)
Cynthia Preston
Laura Enzmann (3 episodes, 2014)
Damien Marques
Doug Bodwin (3 episodes, 2014)
Did you know?
The 'TC group' that is supposed to oversee the Ascension project is a play on the term 'Twin Cities' (TC) used for cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, supposed location of the Ascension project.
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Fritz Lieber & Alfred Bester are well-known science fiction writers during the 50's & 60's. These names were mentioned as missing or dead scientists by woman investigator during part 2 of series.
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Major character is named "James Toback" and is frequently called by his full name rather than first name like the other characters; presumably this is the series writers' in-joke homage to writer/director James Toback, whose classic Paramount film THE GAMBLER has been recently remade starring Mark Wahlberg.
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The exteriors and license plate assume that Samantha & Stokes are in Minnesota. Liquor is not sold in pharmacies in Minnesota.
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Tricia Helfer Ellie O'Brien