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105 min
Biography | Crime | Drama
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Paul Schrader
2 wins & 4 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2002-11-01
Filming Locations: Arizona, USA
Budget: $7,000,000
Opening Weekend: $123,761 (USA) (20 October 2002)
Gross: $2,062,066 (USA) (26 January 2003)
Alex Meneses
Alex Meneses
Auto Focus
Greg Kinnear
Bob Crane
Willem Dafoe
John Carpenter
Rita Wilson
Anne Crane
Maria Bello
Patricia Olson
Ron Leibman
Bruce Solomon
Edward H. Feldman
Michael E. Rodgers
Richard Dawson
Kurt Fuller
Werner Klemperer
Christopher Neiman
Robert Clary
Lyle Kanouse
John Banner
Donnamarie Recco
Ed Begley Jr.
Mel Rosen
Cheryl Lynn Bowers
Cynthia Lynn
Don McManus
Sarah Uhrich
Victoria Berry
Amanda Niles
Cocktail Waitress
Kelly Packard
Dawson's Blond
Jeff Harlan
Kevin Kilner
Clayton Moore
Kevin Beard
Hogan A.D.
Joe Grifasi
Strip Club M.C.
Vyto Ruginis
Nickie D
Nikita Ager
Cassie Townsend
Amber Griebel
Hannah Feldner-Shaw
Arden Myrin
Hippie Girl
Joseph D. Reitman
Hippie Boy
Gibby Brand
Roderick McCarthy
Catherine Dent
John Kapelos
Bruno Gerussi
Shawn Reaves
Bob Crane Jr. at 20
Michael Tachovsky
Bob Crane Jr. at 12
Bruce Bauer
Talk Show Host
Marieh Delfino
Bobby's Girlfriend
Teri Geary
Dancer - Miss Kitty (as Kitten de Ville)
Jade Ruggiero
Dancer - Angela
Dancer (as Porcelain Twinz)
Dancer (as Porcelain Twinz)
Owen Masterson
Bill Marinella
Subpoena Server (as Bill Merinella)
Jennifer Piper
Dinner Theatre Actress
Kelly K.C. Quann
Blind Man's Bluff Girl
Danielle Petty
Interview Montage Girl #1
Jennifer Coffmon
Interview Montage Girl #2
Shelley Coleman-Hiestad
Christopher Hagard
Scotty Crane
Jacob Hagard
Scotty Crane
John Churchill
Dick Ryan
Kate Clarke
Actress in Dinner Theatre (uncredited)
H.R. Haldeman
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Ivan Dixon
John Mitchell
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Shannon Murphy
Balloon Smuggler (uncredited)
Olivia Saint
Extra (uncredited)
Gary Sievers
Beginner's Luck Cast (uncredited)
Evis Xheneti
Dinner Theatre Actress (uncredited)
Did you know?
The leather jacket that Greg Kinnear wore while playing 'Bob Crane' in the Hogan's Heroes (1965) scenes in this movie was the one that 'Bob Crane' actually wore during that TV series Hogan's Heroes (1965). Crane's son Bob Jr. (Robert David Crane) loaned the jacket to Greg Kinnear for this movie. Prior to Hogan's Heroes (1965), this jacket was worn by Frank Sinatra in Von Ryan's Express (1965).
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The bald actor who plays a reporter interviewing Crane about midway through the film is Crane's real son, Bob Crane Jr. (Robert David Crane).
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The stripper names on the marquee in the exterior shot of the Salomes strip club are female variations of Frank Sinatra (Fran Sinatra), Dean Martin (Deana Martin) and Jerry Lewis (Jeri Lewis).
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There is a glimpse of the famous Capitol Records building painted silver. At the time of the film, it was actually painted black to resemble a stack of records.
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Early in the film, the character of Bob Crane is seen playing the drums in his house. On the underside of both cymbals the large black Zildjian logo is clearly visible. This part of the film takes place in 1964, but the Zildjian company did not put this large logo on the underside of their cymbals until over a decade later. In 1964 they would only have had a manufacturer's stamp on the top and no ink logo. They are clearly modern cymbals.
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Crane's kitchen phone in the '60s has a modern (at least 1970s) modular cord on the handset.
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Bob Crane: I'm a normal, red-blooded American man. I like to look at naked women. I love breasts, any kind. I love 'em! Boobs, bazooms, balloons, bags, bazongas. The bigger, the better. Nipples like udders, nipples like saucers, big pale rosy-brown nipples. Little bitty baby nipples. Real or fake, what's the difference? I like tits. Who's kidding who? Tits are great!
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Interviewer: You've been married to your high school sweetheart for sixteen years.
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Bob Crane: Mel, I thought you were a fellow entertainer.
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Alex Meneses Katie Lohmann Michael McKean Robert David Crane Kitana Baker
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