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Baby Face

71 min | 76 min (restored version)
Drama | Romance
IMDB rate:
Alfred E. Green
1 win
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
Barbara Stanwyck
Barbara Stanwyck
Baby Face
George Brent
Donald Cook
Alphonse Ethier
Henry Kolker
Margaret Lindsay
Ann Carter
Arthur Hohl
Ed Sipple
John Wayne
Jimmy McCoy Jr.
Robert Barrat
Nick Powers
Douglass Dumbrille
Brody (as Douglas Dumbrille)
Theresa Harris
Joan Barclay
Job Seeker (uncredited)
James Bush
Paris Bank Clerk (uncredited)
Charles Coleman
Hodges - Butler (uncredited)
Heinie Conklin
Speakeasy Waiter (uncredited)
Jack Curtis
Speakeasy Customer (uncredited)
Frank Darien
Paris Bank Agent (uncredited)
Arthur De Kuh
Lutza (uncredited)
John Elliott
Bank Director (uncredited)
Harry Gribbon
Doorman (uncredited)
Grace Hayle
Mrs. Hemingway (uncredited)
Maynard Holmes
Pratt - Personnel Office (uncredited)
Edward LeSaint
Bank Director (uncredited)
Reginald Mason
Gault - Bank Director (uncredited)
James Murray
Brakeman (uncredited)
Spec O'Donnell
Office Boy (uncredited)
Henry Otho
Laborer (uncredited)
Nat Pendleton
Stolvich - Laborer (uncredited)
Donna Mae Roberts
Office Worker (uncredited)
Matty Roubert
Newsboy (uncredited)
Cliff Saum
Laborer (uncredited)
Charles Sellon
Vanderlure - Bank Director (uncredited)
Harry Semels
Speakeasy Drunk (uncredited)
Harry Tenbrook
Laborer (uncredited)
Edward Van Sloan
Jameson - Bank Director (uncredited)
Jacques Vanaire
Paris Bank Clerk (uncredited)
Sailor Vincent
Laborer (uncredited)
Renee Whitney
Office Worker (uncredited)
Josephine Whittell
Harry Wilson
Laborer (uncredited)
Toby Wing
Office Worker (uncredited)
Did you know?
In the original 1933 sneak preview, Barbara Stanwyck's dialog in the opening sequence where she attacks her father for surrounding her with men since she was the age of 14 is intact, although it was actually cut from the release version.
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In the original version of the film, before changes were made to appease censors, the film ended with Lily finding that Courtland had killed himself. Censors forced the change to a relatively "happy" ending where it turns out that Courtland survived and it is suggested that Lily abandoned her pursuit of material wealth for true love.
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Ship scene features same set used in Three on a Match (1932) a year earlier.
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After Mr. Carter stays the night, Lily gets out of a car. There is a reflection of faces on the window of the car as it pulls away.
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When Lily reads from Nietzsche's book, Thoughts Out Of Season, the page that's highlighted repeats the same paragraph above, and again below, the highlighted lines.
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Courtland's hands change position as he sits down in the boardroom.
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Lily Powers: What could I do? He's my boss and I have to earn my own living.
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Ed Sipple: [to Lily] Yeah, you're exclusive, *you* are! The sweetheart of the night shift...
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Lily Powers: Yeah, I'm a tramp, and who's to blame? My Father. A swell start you gave me. Ever since I was fourteen, what's it been? Nothing but men! Dirty rotten men! And you're lower than any of them. I'll hate you as long as I live!
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Barbara Stanwyck