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Bad Country

95 min | 105 min (Blu-ray Extended Edition)
Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Chris Brinker
Country: USA
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
Bad Country
Matt Dillon
Jesse Weiland
Willem Dafoe
Bud Carter
Neal McDonough
Daniel Kiersey
Amy Smart
Lynn Weiland
Chris Marquette
Martin Fitch
Don Yesso
Captain Bannock
Kevin Chapman
Daniel Morris
Christopher Denham
Tommy Weiland
Alex Solowitz
Buzz McKinnnon
John Edward Lee
Catfish Stanton
Ritchie Montgomery
Nady Grace
Frederick Weller
Detective Shepherd
Patrick Brinker
Detective Cobb
Jeff Leaf
David Marandino
Bill Duke
John Nokes
Lazarus Jackson
ATF Agent Watkins
Aldo Juliano
Long Haired Gunman
Dane Rhodes
Edgard Billings
Lex D. Geddings
Gerald Kaye
Jake La Botz
Mike Barnett
Duty Guard
Don 'Bud' Connor
Judge Donner
John Lafayette
J.D. Evermore
Murphy - Captain of the Guards
Pat Fisher
'Ma' Carter
Ron Gural
Robert Sherman
Matt Thompson
Hugh Wilson
Charlie Broward
Eddie Matthews
Prison guard
Dylan Yesso
John Braymer
District Attorney
Erika Bruun-Andersen
Gayle James
Lutin's Girl #1
Caitlin Kearney
Lutin's Girl #2
Mike Quintana
James Lew
Roger Behle
Bistro Musician
Mary Lane Haskell
Duane Cothren
Police Officer
Jarvis Green
Black Prisoner
Garth Currie
Club Patron
Bobby Greer
Dining Patron / Bar Scene (uncredited)
Zach Hartman
Club Patron
Stephanie Harvey
News Anchor (V.O.) (uncredited)
Luke Hawx
Jim Johnson
Detective (uncredited)
De'Cha LaVeau
Bar Patron / Gun Shot Scene (uncredited)
Hans Marrero
Travis Merendino
Crew Gunman (uncredited)
Gustavo I. Ortiz
Lybian Mafia (uncredited)
James Ourso
Skinhead #1 (uncredited)
Michael Rhoads
Uniform Patrol Deputy (uncredited)
Jason Stanly
Uniformed Deputy Sheriff
Ronn Surels
Shirley Tregre
Dining Patron (uncredited)
Joseph Uzzell
Deputy Sheriff Leigh
Bob Walker
Police Captain (uncredited)
Glen Warner
Cowboy (uncredited)
Olga Wilhelmine
Waitress (uncredited)
Jesse Yarborough
Deputy Sheriff (Scott) (uncredited)
Did you know?
Reunites Tom Berenger and Willem Dafoe, who previously starred together in "Platoon" (1986) and "Born on the Fourth of July" (1989).
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(at around 1 min) When Bud takes his aspirin, the water cooler is empty.
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While investigating Morris's body in the trunk of car, the detective identifies him to Carter as Daniel Morris and then hands Carter a business card showing the name Daniel J. Kiersey.
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(at around 52 mins) When Jesse has Catfish against the truck, you can see the adhesive holding on Jesse's fake mustache during the closeup.
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Bud Carter: South Louisiana in the 1980s was a different kind of time and place. Some called it lawless. But it wasn't. Others said we just got a certain way of doing things down here. But it ain't that either. Instead, I call it what it was. Hell with the lid off.
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Bud Carter: Cops got rules, criminals don't. And if you up and cross that line, it just might cost you your life. Welcome to Dixie.
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Morris: Look, the less you know, the better off you are.
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Tom Berenger