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134 min
Comedy | Drama
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Richard J. Lewis
Nominated for Oscar. Another 18 wins & 17 nominations
Country: Canada
Release Date: 2010-12-23
Filming Locations: Austin, Québec, Canada
Opening Weekend: $65,241 (USA) (16 January 2011)
Gross: $7,497,871 (USA) (12 June 2011)
Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike
Barney's Version
Paul Giamatti
Barney Panofsky
Macha Grenon
Paul Gross
Constable O'Malley of the North
Atom Egoyan
O'Malley Director #1
Mark Camacho
T / U Productions Executive #1
David Pryde
T / U Productions Executive #2
Paula Jean Hixson
Bartender at Grumpy's
Mark Addy
Detective O'Hearne
Scott Speedman
Marica Pellegrinelli
The Countess
Thomas Trabacchi
Clé Bennett
Rachelle Lefevre
Clara 'Chambers' Charnofsky
Domenico Minutoli
Judge at Rome Wedding
Massimo Wertmüller
Rome Doctor
Saul Rubinek
Howard Jerome
Uncle Irv
Sam Stone
Fundraising Target #1
Burney Lieberman
Fundraising Target #2
Morty Bercovitch
Fundraising Target #3
Minnie Driver
The 2nd Mrs. P
Dustin Hoffman
Izzy Panofsky
Pauline Little
2nd Mrs. P's Housekeeper
Harvey Atkin
2nd Mrs. P's Father
Linda Sorensen
2nd Mrs. P's Mother
Robin Kazdan
Wedding Guest
Maury Chaykin
Wedding Guest
Larry Day
Bartender at Wedding
Sheila Hymans
Rabbi's Wife
Len Richman
Howard Rosenstein
Cousin Jeff
Ted Kotcheff
Train Conductor
Brittany Drisdelle
Girl at Cafe (as Brittany Lee Drisdelle)
Anna Hopkins
Kate Panofsky
David Cronenberg
O'Malley Director #2
Kyle Switzer
Production Assistant
Rebecca Croll
Receptionist #1
Steve Bienstock
NY Restaurant Waiter
Arthur Holden
Zack Kifell
Young Michael Panofsky
Simone Richler
Young Kate Panofsky
Bruce Greenwood
Jake Hoffman
Michael Panofsky
Denys Arcand
Maître'D at Ritz
Arthur Grosser
Mr. Dalhousie
Pascale Bourbeau
Woman at Cemetery
Ellen David
Massage Parlor Madame
Katia Di Perna
Marina Eva
Leo's Girlfriend
Sandra Lavoie
Barney's One Night Stand
Harry Standjofski
Dr. Morty
Ivana Shein
Receptionist #2
Mélanie St-Pierre
O'Malley's New Co-Star
Tarah Schwartz
Richard J. Lewis
Pathologist (as Richard Lewis)
Moe Jeudy-Lamour
Mover #1 (uncredited)
Randi Katz
Wedding Singer (uncredited)
Tony Picciuto
Wedding Singer (uncredited)
Margaret Stellick
Saxophone Player in Wedding Band (uncredited)
Did you know?
Second collaboration between Dustin Hoffman and Paul Giamatti since Confidence (2003).
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In the film, Miriam Grant (Rosamund Pike) and the 2nd Mrs P (Minnie Driver) both attended McGill University. Ironically, out of all three actresses to play Barney's wives, it is the actress playing Clara (Rachelle Lefevre) who is an actual graduate of McGill University.
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Paul Gross who plays Canadian Mountie Constable O'Malley of the North also played a Canadian Mountie, Constable Benton Fraser, on a popular TV series known as "Due South" [1994-1999] and having him play the Mountie in this film may be seen as an "in joke."
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During Blair's discussion of the future of veganism over dinner he ponders whether one should say "in less than 50 years" or "in fewer than 50 years". He incorrectly settles on "fewer" reasoning that you're counting years and not measuring time. A ten-year calendar has fewer than 50 years on it, but something that will come to pass sooner than 50 years from now will do so in less than 50 years.
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When Barney flips out because he cannot remember Miriam'a telephone number he grabs the bottle, which is obviously a break away prop, with such force that the bottle breaks while he is still lifting it upward.
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In Rome many of the road signs are clearly from today. The two small format ones at the corner of Via Condotti and Piazza di Spagna are an example. Also the out of focus no parking signs on the doors of many buildings are clearly of the most recent kind.
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Blair: Hello?
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Miriam: Really? Well, words matter. Actions matter. They have consequences. If you want people to take you seriously, then act accordingly. Do you understand me, Barney?
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Barney Panofsky: Don't ever tell my father what he can or cannot do again.
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Rosamund Pike
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