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98 min
Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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John McTiernan
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-03-28
Filming Locations: Costa Rica
Budget: $50,000,000
Opening Weekend: $11,511,960 (USA) (30 March 2003)
Gross: $26,536,120 (USA) (4 May 2003)
John Travolta
Samuel L. Jackson
Tim Daly
Brian Van Holt
Taye Diggs
Dash Mihok
Cristián de la Fuente
Harry Connick Jr.
Georgia Hausserman
Margaret Travolta
Nurse #1
Dena Johnston
Nurse #2
Nick Loren
Helicopter Pilot
Cliff Fleming
Helicopter Pilot
Steven Maye
CID Officer
Jonathan Rau
G.I. on the Tarmac
Tait Ruppert
Jeep Driver (as Tait Rupert)
Timothy S. Wester
Chris Byrne
Curtis Ricks
Charles L. Fails
Did you know?
In order to give Roselyn Sanchez the proper posture, John McTiernan had her wear a 50-pound bag of sand on the front of her belt while at the same time told her to imagine herself as a Las Vegas showgirl.
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Osborne's phone number is 334-5644. No area code is given.
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Every time the story of the bunker is retold, each person has a different partner.
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Osborne states that US Army records do not show race, which would make it very easy for Pike and Dunbar to switch dog tags as shown. Not only is this completely false, but by 2003 basic screening requirements for anyone enlisting in the US Army also included fingerprinting, dental x-rays, and providing a blood sample for DNA records. Even if both Pike and Dunbar had enlisted prior to this requirement going into effect, as graduates of the Ranger School and current students in the Jungle Warfare School they would both have had to undergo a background investigation for a security clearance, which would include fingerprinting at a minimum.
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Osborne opens Dunbar's note to read it, and then misreads "somebody" as "someone" and "anybody" as "anyone".
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After interviewing Kendall, while Osbourne is driving the Humvee she motions as if she is turning the steering wheel. The steering wheel does not move indicative of the spokes.
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Sgt. Nathan West: Now son, there are people in this world that will kill you for no god damn reason other than something passing through their mind. I hail from Biloxi, Mississippi where vanilla mother fuckers like that used to hang us from trees by our necks on a whim. Now, does that sound like the kind of fucking place you want to god damn grow up?
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Sgt. Nathan West: Those of you I find lacking will quit. And those of you who refuse to quit will have a training accident. This base suffers three training accidents a year. Unfortunate accidents that I will not hesitate to repeat if you cross me!
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Hardy: So, what are you gonna do?
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Why did Dunbar (Brian Van Holt) come back to base with Kendall instead of vanishing?
There is no definitive answer to this question, however there are several possibilities:1. The Section 8 team needed conclusive proof that Col. Styles was behind the drug operation. So far, Sgt. West and Hardy probably only had suspicions.2. Dunbar (Brian Van Holt) might have been sent back to base in order to create a cover story for the disappearance of the other team members.
What are the details of the drug operation?
In order to understand the drug operation in this movie, we must first take a look at the people involved:- Vilmer: Supplied the drugs, named "Combat Cocktails", to soldiers such as Mueller and Kendall. He was also running an operation with a partner, probably Colonel Styles, to smuggle cocaine in military shipments into the United States.- Kendall: Distributed drugs for Vilmer, and was supposedly hired by Col. Styles to kill Sgt. West.- Mueller: Distributed drugs for Vilmer, and was supposedly hired by Col. Styles to kill Sgt. West.- West: Found out about the drug operation 1 week prior to the events in the movie, and went to inform Col. Styles about the discovery. Because of Col. Styles' inaction and potential threat to his safety, Sgt. West arranged the training mission in order to preemptively eliminate Kendall and Mueller.- Col. Styles: Covered Vilmer's drug operation in order to make millions of dollars from the drug operation.Sgt. West found out that Vilmer was running a drug trafficking operation out of the hospital, and he also found out that Kendall and Mueller were involved in the operation. Not knowing that Col. Styles was involved in the operation, Sgt. West approached him to reveal the drug operation. After some time, the inaction of Col. Styles arose suspicion . Sgt West also suspected that Mueller and Kendall would be ordered to kill him.Sgt. West then arranges the training exercise in order to confront or eliminate Mueller and Kendall.
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