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Action | Crime | Fantasy | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
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Sefton Hill
5 wins & 5 nominations
Country: UK
Stana Katic
Stana Katic
Batman: Arkham City
Kevin Conroy
Bruce Wayne
Grey Griffin
Selina Kyle
Troy Baker
Tim Drake
Kimberly Brooks
Barbara Gordon
Martin Jarvis
Alfred Pennyworth
Mark Hamill
The Joker
Tara Strong
Harleen Quinzel
Corey Burton
Hugo Strange
Dee Bradley Baker
Ra's al Ghul
Nolan North
Oswald Cobblepot
Maurice LaMarche
Dr. Victor Fries
Fred Tatasciore
Solomon Grundy
Steve Blum
Mr. Sickle Abramovic
Rick D. Wasserman
Basil Karlo
Danny Jacobs
Victor Zsasz
Wally Wingert
Edward Nigma
Tasia Valenza
Pamela Isley
Peter MacNicol
Jervis Tetch
Tom Kane
Mayor Quincy Sharp
Kari Wahlgren
League of Assassins Members
James Horan
Jack Ryder
Khary Payton
Michael Lane
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
M.P.T. Officer Aaron Cash
Roger Rose
M.P.T. Officer William North
Chris Cox
M.P.T Officer Eddie Burlow
Eric Bauza
Dr. Adam Hamasaki
David Kaye
GCPD Commissioner James Gordon
Jim Meskimen
G.C.P.D. Sgt. Tom Miller
Joe Holt
G.C.P.D. Officer Elvis Jones
Crispin Freeman
G.C.P.D. Officer Michaels
Carlos Alazraqui
G.C.P.D. Officer Officer Sanchez
Misty Lee
Nurse Fiona Wilson
Audrey Wasilewski
League of Assassins Member
Chris Gardner
Michael Gough
Quinton Flynn
Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Did you know?
In the expansion pack of this game called "Harley's Revenge" it is revealed that the hint of her being pregnant in the main story was either a false positive or she lost the baby through miscarriage.
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The code word "Sarah" given to the undercover officers by Commissioner Gordon is in reference to his wife Sarah Essen-Gordon who was shot to death by the Joker in Detective Comics #741.
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It is heavily implied at one point in the game that Harley Quinn is or was pregnant. This is suggested by examining Harley's costume on a dummy and panning down to the floor. At the dummy's feet is a box reading "Fruitful Endeavors pregnancy test". Lying beside it is a positive test.
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When Batman activates the secret panel to enter the Chamber of the Demon, he deduces that a sword is required to open the door. But in the assembled footage previously shown, the assassin does not use her sword at all.
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After infecting Batman with his poisonous blood, Joker says he had also shipped some all over Gotham, possibly infecting even more people. By the game's end, Batman manages to cure himself, but it is never mentioned if the other people in Gotham managed to be cured as well. It is implied, however that the cure likely will be sent out to the other infected by way of mass producing the cure which is now within Batman's bloodstream.
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While inside the Iceberg lounge, there is a large glass dome for the roof. But when outside of the building, there is no dome, only a flat roof.
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(none): [after Batman destroys Penguin's disruptor devices] The Penguin: What the hell is happening down there? Hello? Is someone gonna answer me?
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The Riddler: You are all experiencing fear in anticipation of some specific pain or danger. This is perfectly understandable.
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The Joker: Twinkle, twinkle, little bat. Watch me kill your favorite cat.
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Does the Joker die at the game's end?
The Clown Prince of Crime meets his demise after the final battle with Clayface.
How do I get past Riddler's death traps?
For the one with the electrified floor, use your line launcher tightrope to wait out the electricity (upgrade required). For the gas chamber, use your freeze blasts to block the vents. Find this one AFTER your encounter with Mr. Freeze.
How do I rescue the second Riddler hostage?
The victim is supposidly hidden in one of three barrels that are being mixed around before your eyes. Riddler will try to cheat, but two can play at that game. Use Detective Mode and you'll see the hostage being lowered and placed under the leftmost barrel. When Riddler tells you to choose, hit the far left question mark and the hostage is rescued.
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