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Battle Los Angeles

116 min
Action | Sci-Fi
IMDB rate:
1 win & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2011-03-11
Filming Locations: Manhattan Beach, California, USA
Budget: $70,000,000
Opening Weekend: $37,573,187 (USA) (13 March 2011)
Gross: $83,441,911 (USA) (22 May 2011)
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez
Battle Los Angeles
Aaron Eckhart
Ssgt. Michael Nantz
Ramon Rodriguez
2nd Lt. William Martinez
Will Rothhaar
Cpl. Lee Imlay
Cory Hardrict
Cpl. Jason Lockett
Jim Parrack
LCpl. Peter Kerns
Gino Anthony Pesi
Cpl. Nick Stavrou
Cpl. Kevin Harris
James Hiroyuki Liao
LCpl. Steven Mottola
Bridget Moynahan
Noel Fisher
Pfc. Shaun Lenihan
Adetokumboh M'Cormack
Corpsman Jibril Adukwu
Bryce Cass
Hector Rincon
Michael Peña
Joe Rincon
Neil Brown Jr.
LCpl. Richard Guerrero
Taylor Handley
LCpl. Corey Simmons
Kenneth Brown Jr.
Cpl. Richard Oswald
Jadin Gould
Joe Chrest
1st Sgt. John Roy
E. Roger Mitchell
Company Captain
Rus Blackwell
Lt. Col. K.N. Ritchie
Susie Abromeit
Brandi Gerard
Cherise (as Brandi Coleman)
Beth Keener
Kathy Martinez (as Elizabeth L. Keener)
Jessica Heap
David Jensen
Stacey Turner
Reporter on TV
Tom Hillmann
Reporter on TV
Lena Clark
Jamie Norwood
Flower Shop Employee
Todd Cochran
Command Hangar Marine
Nzinga Blake
Adukwu's Sister
Taryn Southern
Reporter on Beach
James D. Dever
Sgt. Major (as Jim Dever)
Alex Aristidis
Beach Goer (uncredited)
Charlotte Biggs
Emergency Medical Tech. (uncredited)
Ava Bogle
Beach Girl 1 (uncredited)
Beau Brasseaux
Marine (uncredited)
Dane Brown
Firefighter (uncredited)
Grant Case
Marine (uncredited)
Kurt DeVille
Marine (uncredited)
Joshua Farcone
Dead Civilian (uncredited)
Alex Froman
Marine (uncredited)
Zander Gerhardt
Dead Civilian (uncredited)
Emily D. Haley
Citizen / Dead Citizen (uncredited)
Nick Jones Jr.
Marine (uncredited)
Philip Lawrence
U.S. Marine (uncredited)
Tony Mccullough
LAPD Officer Boggs (uncredited)
Keith Middlebrook
Steve Johinson (uncredited)
Courtney Munch
Marine Crew Chief (uncredited)
Gustavo I. Ortiz
Doctor Running Away (uncredited)
Jim Palmer
Crew Chief (uncredited)
Michelle Pierce
Shelly (uncredited)
Philippe Radelet
Civilian (uncredited)
Vanessa Ross
Terrified Pedestrian (uncredited)
Lawanda Smith
Civilian (uncredited)
David Speed
Gary (uncredited)
Peyton Whitcomb
Extra (uncredited)
Michael Wozniak
Beach Dude (uncredited)
Marlon Young
Sergeant Major (uncredited)
Lynette Zumo
Dead Civilian (uncredited)
Did you know?
Very little of the film was actually shot in Los Angeles. Tax incentives brought the production to Louisiana where sets of Los Angeles streets were constructed.
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Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana doubled for Camp Pendleton in many shots. Air Force One carrying President George W. Bush initially landed at Barksdale AFB on Sept. 11, 2001 after the terrorist attacks. The filmmakers have said that they used the aftermath of destruction of the Twin Towers as a reference point for much of the destruction in Los Angeles seen in the film.
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TSgt. Santos' (Michelle Rodriguez) military unit exists in real life. The 61st Air Base Wing (61 ABW) is a wing of the US Air Force stationed at Los Angeles Air Force Base, El Segundo, California. The 61st is the host unit at Los Angeles AFB, and commands all the Air Force support groups and units assigned to the base.
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The LAPD West Division station is not in Santa Monica, it's at 1663 Butler Ave, Los Angeles. There are no LAPD stations in Santa Monica because the City of Santa Monica has its own police department.
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It is said that there is nowhere in our known universe that there is liquid water on or near the surface but Saturn's moon Enceladus has liquid water just beneath the surface and so does Jupiter's moon Europa.
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At the mission briefing, pictures taken by the Hubble telescope of the "meteors" falling to Earth are shown to the marines. Hubble is a deep space telescope, virtually useless for taking pictures of anything in Earth's atmosphere.
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SSgt. Michael Nantz: All right, Lockett. You wanna go there. Let's go there. I commanded men and men died. Kids. 19 years old. The best men I ever led. Do you think for a second I wouldn't rather trade places with them? I know you think I got my men killed. They're dead. I'm here. Like the punchline to some bad joke. You think I like that? Do you think a minute goes by that those faces aren't right here
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2nd Lt. William Martinez: Get them out!
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Michele: Maybe I can help. I'm a vetinarian.
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Which Marines in Martinez's unit survive?
Nantz, Imlay, Lockett, Harris, Adukwu and Santos are the only survivors.
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