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118 min
Action | War | Drama
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William A. Wellman
Won 2 Oscars. Another 3 wins & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1950-01-20
Filming Locations: Fort Lewis, Washington, USA
Budget: $1,631,000
Gross: $10,293,960 (USA)$13,666,420 (worldwide)
Van Johnson
John Hodiak
Ricardo Montalban
George Murphy
'Pop' Stazak
Marshall Thompson
Jim Layton
Jerome Courtland
Abner Spudler
Don Taylor
Bruce Cowling
James Whitmore
Douglas Fowley
'Kipp' Kippton
Leon Ames
The Chaplain
Herbert Anderson
Hansan (as Guy Anderson)
Thomas E. Breen
Denise Darcel
Richard Jaeckel
James Arness
Garby (as Jim Arness)
Brett King
Lt. Teiss
The Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne Division
Themselves (as the original 'Screaming Eagles' of the 101st Airborne Division)
Joel Allen
Transportation Captain (uncredited)
Martha Bamattre
French Peasant Woman (uncredited)
Richard Bartlett
Casualty (uncredited)
Nan Boardman
Belgian Woman Volunteer (uncredited)
Tommy Bond
Runner (uncredited)
Robert Boon
German Soldier (uncredited)
Michael Browne
Levenstein (uncredited)
Norman Budd
Crying Casualty (uncredited)
George Chandler
Mess Sergeant (uncredited)
Tony Christian
German Soldier (uncredited)
Lillian Clayes
Old Woman (uncredited)
Louise Colombet
French Peasant Woman (uncredited)
Gene Coogan
G.I. Scout (uncredited)
Bert Davidson
101st Battalion Officer (uncredited)
George Dee
Frenchman (uncredited)
Jean Del Val
French Peasant Man (uncredited)
Victor Desny
Wounded German Soldier (uncredited)
Chris Drake
Medic Private (uncredited)
Jim Drum
Supply Sergeant (uncredited)
Gretl Dupont
French Peasant Woman (uncredited)
John Dutra
G.I. (uncredited)
Ted Eckelberry
G.I. (uncredited)
Bill Erwin
Warrant Officer (uncredited)
Dan Foster
Gunner (uncredited)
John Gardner
G.I. (uncredited)
Eugene Gericke
German Soldier (uncredited)
Edmund Glover
G.I. from Maine (uncredited)
David Holt
G.I. Straggler (uncredited)
James Horne
Transportation Captain (uncredited)
Richard Irving
G.I. from New York (uncredited)
Samuel Jaegers
Drill Sergeant (uncredited)
Dickie Jones
Tanker (uncredited)
Tommy Kelly
Casualty (uncredited)
Billy Lechner
Runner (uncredited)
William F. Leicester
Tank Destroyer Man (uncredited)
Martin Lowell
G.I. (uncredited)
Ian MacDonald
Army Colonel (uncredited)
John Mansfield
Casualty (uncredited)
Dewey Martin
G.I. Straggler (uncredited)
Jimmy Martin
G.I. from the South (uncredited)
Roger McGee
Tanker (uncredited)
Peter Michael
German Soldier (uncredited)
William Murphy
Non-Com (uncredited)
John Mylong
German Major (uncredited)
Tommy Noonan
G.I. Straggler (uncredited)
George Offerman Jr.
K Company G.I. (uncredited)
Jerry Paris
German Sergeant (uncredited)
Victor Paul
G.I. (uncredited)
Steve Pendleton
Sergeant (uncredited)
Janine Perreau
Little Girl (uncredited)
Phillip Pine
G.I. Non-Com (uncredited)
Albert Pollet
French Peasant Man (uncredited)
Bob Porter
G.I. (uncredited)
Otto Reichow
German Platoon Leader (uncredited)
John R. Reilly
Tanker Filling Up with Gas (uncredited)
Sammy Resnick
Non-Com (uncredited)
Jon Riffel
'Kipp' Kipton (uncredited)
Henry Rowland
German NCO (uncredited)
John Royce
German Soldier (uncredited)
Edmon Ryan
Major (uncredited)
Carl Saxe
101st Battalion Officer (uncredited)
Nelson Scott
G.I. (uncredited)
Irene Seidner
French Peasant Woman (uncredited)
William Self
K Company G.I. (uncredited)
Charles Smith
Walking Wounded (uncredited)
Ivan Triesault
German Captain (uncredited)
Max Trujillo
GI (uncredited)
Roland Varno
German Lieutenant (uncredited)
Tommy Walker
Mechanic (uncredited)
Arthur Walsh
G.I. (uncredited)
Frank Whitbeck
Trailer Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Ward Wood
Replacement (uncredited)
Fred Zendar
German Soldier (uncredited)
Did you know?
In an interview released shortly after the film came out James Whitmore said that he based his appearance and his attitude partly on Bill Mauldin's famous "Willie and Joe" cartoons that appeared in the "Stars and Stripes" newspaper, popular with servicemen during WW2.
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The white "card suit" stencils on the sides of the soldier's helmets in the film are accurate. The WWII 101st Airborne Division used the different suits to identify their three parachute infantry (diamonds, hearts, and spades) and one glider infantry (clubs) regiments. A white "tic" at either the twelve, three, six or nine o'clock positions around the suit indicated Headquarters, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Battalions, respectively. The soldiers in "Battleground" wear the club suit of the 101st's 327th Glider Infantry Regiment, with a "tic" at the nine o'clock position, indicating they belong to that regiment's 3rd Battalion.
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James Arness, who has a minor role as division member Garby, served in World War II and is the most decorated of the actors in the film. He received the Bronze Star; the Purple Heart; the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with three bronze campaign stars; the World War II Victory Medal and the Combat Infantryman Badge for his service.
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When the soldiers are reading "Strategic Withdrawal in Bulge", the headline below clearly reads, "Hilter Counter Offensive..."
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Towards the end of the movie, one of the troopers takes out a grenade and places it next to his foxhole with the bottom facing towards the camera. Even though the editors made a smear mark on the film in an obvious attempt to hide it, you can plainly see that the genuine war surplus grenade had a large hole drilled its bottom.
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Holley hears Denise and Jarvess talking on the other side of the living room door and rushes into the corridor with a full cup of coffee. He takes one small sip and puts the now empty cup in his pocket.
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Hansan: This is an M-1, semi-automatic, high velocity...
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Pvt. Jim Layton: I thought Holley was running away. That's why I ran after him.
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Pvt. Staniferd: Hey Kinnie, how about showing me the way to the aid station? I'm freezing. Sgt. Walowicz: Feeling any better?
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