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Beautiful Thing

90 min
Comedy | Drama | Romance
IMDB rate:
Hettie Macdonald
4 wins & 3 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1996-10-09
Filming Locations: Bass-Charrington Brewery, North Woolrich, England, UK
Gross: $1,449,934 (USA) (12 January 1997)
Tameka Empson
Tameka Empson
Beautiful Thing
Meera Syal
Miss Chauhan
Martin Walsh
Mr. Bennett
Steven M. Martin
Ryan McBride
Andrew Fraser
John Savage
Scott Neal
Ste Pearce
Glen Berry
Jamie Gangel
Julie Smith
Linda Henry
Sandra Gangel
Jeillo Edwards
Garry Cooper
Ronnie Pearce
Ben Daniels
Daniel Bowers
Trevor Pearce
Ozdemir Mamodeally
John Benfield
Rodney Barr
Davyd Harries
Brewery Official
Beth Goddard
Brewery Official
Marlene Sidaway
Liane Ware
Catherine Sanderson
Dave Lynn
Drag Performer
Jonathan Harvey
Wheelchair Queen (uncredited)
Did you know?
Sandra says that there are plenty of places that gay people can go without having to worry, that there is even an island in the Mediterranean Sea called Isle of Lesbia, which is inhabited by only lesbian women. In reality, there is a Mediterranean island named Isle of Lesbos, part of Greece, which is inhabited by men, women, and children, all known by the diminutive, Lesbians.
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When Sandra recalls that Cass Elliot died by choking on a sandwich she is repeating an urban legend. "Mama" Cass actually died of heart failure. Reports immediately after her death (before the autopsy) apparently quoted her doctor as saying she probably died by choking on a sandwich. Despite the results of the autopsy, the sandwich story has stuck.
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On July 2013 filming location has been demolished as part of the Tavy Bridge regeneration project.
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Mama Cass Elliot did not die from choking on a ham sandwich. She had a heart attack. There was a partially eaten sandwich in the room when she died, but she didn't choke on it.
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When Jamie is in the tobacconist's looking at the magazines, there are three copies of "Gay Times" in the long shot, but only two in the closeup.
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The movie clearly states that it is the middle of the summer and supported by the fact that schools are still in attendance and the quote "It's the middle of the summer, its a heat-wave." However during the party scene, it is clearly dark outside but the clock on the wall as Jamie enters the house says 9:00. During British Summertime it would still very much be light at this time.
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Leah: It's your bird. She talks to me like I've got "cunt" written on me forehead.
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Leah: Come on Slasher, let's go.
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Sandra: Where are you going?
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