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30 min (including commercials - 129 episodes)
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Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 4 wins & 6 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1998-11-02
Filming Locations: Astoria, Queens, New York City, New York, USA
Elya Baskin
Elya Baskin
Ted Danson
Dr. John Becker
Hattie Winston
Margaret Wyborn
Shawnee Smith
Alex Désert
Jake Malinak
Saverio Guerra
Terry Farrell
Regina "Reggie" Kostas
Did you know?
There have been numerous references to Danson's former series Cheers (1982). Cheers co-stars George Wendt, Rhea Perlman and Kelsey Grammer have all appeared on the show: Wendt playing the barman to Danson's character (On "Cheers", Danson played the barman to Wendt's character) and Grammer playing an alcoholic friend of Danson's Harvard-graduate doctor (on "Cheers" and Frasier (1993), Danson played an ex-alcoholic and Grammer played the Harvard-graduate doctor. Rhea Perlman appeared as a therapist with an optimistic view on life, with Danson as the character who's not happy with his life (on "Cheers", Danson plays the cheery character and Perlman's the one who's not happy with her life).
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The character of Margaret's husband, Lewis, is never seen in the show, a gag in the tradition of Cheers (1982), in which Norm's wife, Vera, is never seen, and Frasier (1993), in which Niles' wife, Maris, is never seen.
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Actress Shawnee Smith fronted a punk-rock band, called Fydolla Ho, while appearing on Becker. She used the summer hiatus time in between seasons to perform and go on tour. Each cast member, including Ted Danson, went to see a Fydolla Ho show.
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Maureen: [holds out her hand] ATM card?
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Regina 'Reggie' Kostas: Doesn't what she did piss you off?
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Margaret: [after bailing John out of jail] His temper finally got him into real trouble. He was arrested this morning.
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What medical conditions have been mentioned in the series?
In the Pilot a 7 year old is HIV positive, and Dr. Becker makes arrangements for him to be treated by a new program and pays for it himself quietly. Addison's Disease (after Becker struggled to determine the cause of his patient's symptoms, Linda mentioned that the man still had a tan even though he'd come back from vacation 2 weeks ago. This is what tipped Becker off that his patient had Addison's.) Lou Gehrig's Disease (Becker gets a special machine for a patient with ALS who cannot speak. The episode centers around the man's anger) Multiple Sclerosis (One of Becker's patients has MS, the episode centers around Becker dealing with having to deliver the news to the patient) Arteriovenous Malformation (A man comes in for a routine physical, Becker hears an abnormal sound upon an examination with a stethoscope and insists that the patient go to the hospital immediately. The man is diagnosed with an AVM and is rushed to surgery. He survives) Heart Attack (One of Becker's patients suffers a heart attack at the gym and subsequently sues him for malpractice) Cerebral hemorrhage (One of Becker's patients dies after suffering a hemorrhage. Becker struggles with this because he had just given him a physical days before and he was fine.)In more than one episode, Becker has dealt with mental illness as well, such as Becker: Papa Does Preach (#5.7), where he attempts to help a man with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or multiple personalities.
What are Becker's religious views?
Becker claims to be an atheist. When a patient comes to him thinking he hears the voice of God (whom he calls Larry), Becker tells him "there is no Larry". Becker once told a priest that "I became an atheist, I was raised agnostic.", and when his neighbor said "God bless you", he replied "there is no God, but thanks for the thought." On the other hand, some scenes seem to assert that Becker's claim that he doesn't believe in God is merely said out of anger at God since he believes that God is causing his misery. When Margaret jumps on Becker for blaming something on a God that he doesn't believe in, Becker states, "and that is why he is after me, Margaret." Later when Becker is having an unexpected streak of good luck, he keeps complaining that it is merely being done by an evil force that is stretching his good luck like a "rubber band" that will pop and give him a huge run of bad luck. At the end Becker does get hit with a round of bad luck and the episode closes with him looking up at the sky and stating "I love your work."
What are Linda and Margaret's jobs?
Margaret is a nurse who manages Becker's practice and occasionally provides home care to patients. Linda assists with routine duties around the office, such as filing. She also once mentioned that she reads to the kids who visit the office. Becker once mentioned that he owed her father a favor, implying that that is the only reason he hired her.
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