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103 min
Comedy | Fantasy | Romance
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Stanley Donen
Country: UK
Release Date: 1967-12-10
Filming Locations: BT Tower, 60 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, London, England, UK
Peter Cook
George Spiggott
Dudley Moore
Stanley Moon
Eleanor Bron
Raquel Welch
Robert Russell
Barry Humphries
Parnell McGarry
Danièle Noël
Avarice (as Daniele Noel)
Howard Goorney
Michael Bates
Inspector Clarke
Bernard Spear
Irving Moses
Robin Hawdon
Randolph - Harp Teacher
Evelyn Moore
Mrs. Wisby
Charles Lloyd Pack
Lockwood West
St. Peter
Betty Cooper
Sister Phoebe
Martin Boddey
Cardinal (uncredited)
Erik Chitty
Seed - Sir Stanley Moon's Butler (uncredited)
Valentine Dyall
God (voice) (uncredited)
Max Faulkner
Priest (uncredited)
Peter Hutchins
PC Roberts (uncredited)
Sandy Sarjeant
Dancer (uncredited)
John Steiner
TV Announcer (uncredited)
Robin Tolhurst
Daphne (uncredited)
Anna Turner
Shop Assistant (uncredited)
Did you know?
The book George tears the last page from (supposedly so the infuriated reader will never know whodunnit) is the 1966 Fontana Books printing of Agatha Christie's 1963 novel "The Clocks".
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Dudley Moore adopted the moniker Stanley Moon in this film after John Gielgud wrote him a letter of introduction because he was impressed with Moore's work in the stage revue "Beyond the Fringe". Gielgud obliviously referred to Moore as Stanley Moon in the letter, and an amused Moore adopted the name as an alter ego for the rest of his life. After they worked on Arthur (1981) and Arthur 2: On the Rocks (1988) together, Gielgud good-naturedly said that he "got to know Stanley Moon rather well."
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To stay in character as Lucifer, Peter Cook never blinks.
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When George and Stanley are traffic wardens, George jumps up onto the top of a red postbox which moves, revealing itself to be a prop.
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When The Devil talks about The Garden of Eden being a swamp like Croydon, and then points saying it's over there, he is actually pointing roughly east towards Islington, whilst Croydon is south from their position on the tower. He could have been referring to Hackney Marshes which are in the direction he was pointing, but they were only marshes in name at the time the film was made.
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After George talks to God and doesn't know what is happening and Saint Peter comes to escort him out, as they get into a discussion why he failed the entrance examination you can see a reflection in the glass between the camera and Lucifer.
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George Spiggott: [to God] I've done a good deed. I gave that little twit his soul back. Wasn't that generous?
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Stanley Moon: Here, my ice lolly's melted. You really must be the Devil.
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George Spiggott: Oh, um, have you got sixpence? I've only got a million-pound note.
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