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95 min | Argentina:99 min
Action | Adventure | Fantasy | Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Graham Baker
3 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1999-04-01
Filming Locations: Romania
Budget: $3,500,000
Gross: $50,222 (Australia) ( 1999)
Rhona Mitra
Rhona Mitra
Christopher Lambert
Oliver Cotton
Götz Otto
Vincent Hammond
Charles Robinson
Weaponsmaster (as Charlie Robinson)
Brent Jefferson Lowe
Roger Sloman
Layla Roberts
Grendel's Mother
Robert Willox
Chief Officer
Patricia Velasquez
Marcel Cobzariu
Lookout (as Marcelo Cobzariu)
Vlad Jipa
Diana Dumbrava
Hrothgar's Wife
Andrei Rusu
Soldier #1
Vitalie Bantas
Guard #1
Dan Alexandru
Eyepatch Lieutenant
Florin Preoteasa
Julian Ilinca
Executioner's Assistent
Dorin Zaharia
Siege Soldier
Adrian Pavlovschi
Guard (uncredited)
Derik Wingo
Did you know?
The opening of the film rips off the opening of the 1995 film "Mortal Kombat".
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A futuristic adaptation of the Old English folk tale of Beowulf.
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Christopher Lambert declined to reprise his role as Rayden in "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" to star as Beowulf.
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The blood on Beowulf's sword at the end of his first fight.
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When Beowulf cuts off the arm of Grendel, we see a left arm hit the ground (look at where the thumb is) but it is Grendel's right arm that is missing.
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During the training scene with Roland a metal staff weapon is thrown to the floor and the sound that it makes is blatantly that of a wooden staff.
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Beowulf: How big was it? What kind of armour? Was it sheilded? Was it exposed?
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Beowulf: [to Grendel] I'm like you. I'm one of the damned.
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Kyra: You should be dead.
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How does the movie end?
Cutting off Grendel's arm and displaying it on the roof has resulted in easing everyone's fears. Hrothgar opens the wine cellar, the villagers abandon their watch around the outpost periphery, and Beowulf prepares to depart, thinking that his work is done. Although everyone thinks that Grendel has lumbered off to die, they are wrong. He has returned to the cave where he lives with his mother (Layla Roberts), who is now eager to avenge her son. She sneaks into the castle and seduces Roland (Götz Otto) while, at the same time, Kyra (Rhona Mitra) attempts to seduce Beowulf into staying with her. Suddenly, Beowulf senses the presence of Evil in the outpost. As Beowulf goes in search of it, Kyra warns Hrothgar, and they head for the dining hall to warn the others, only to find everyone already slain, including Roland. Grendel's mother appears before them, explaining to Hrothgar that she is the succubus who has been sharing his bed and that Grendel is Hrothgar's son. She further explains that the outpost was hers long before Hrothgar and his people moved in and that Grendel has merely been trying to claim what, by rights, belongs to him. When Hrothgar goes for her, Grendel shows up and pulls him off, crushing him to death in his strong grip. As Kyra lays on the floor in a daze, having been batted across the room by Grendel, Beowulf drops from the ceiling and plunges his sword through Grendel's chest. His mother attempts to seduce Beowulf, but he resists, so she transforms into the monster that she really is and tries to kill Beowulf. Just when it looks like she's got Beowulf by the throat, he uses his sword to slam open a gas jet in the wall. The firey gas bursts forth and sets mom on fire. As the whole outpost goes up in flames, Beowulf and Kyra, the only survivors, escape on horseback. In the final scene, Kyra convinces Beowulf to take her with him.
How does Grendel get in and out of the outpost without being seen?
A definitive answer is not given in the movie (nor in the poem). A good guess is that Grendel was able to shape change, e.g., into the mist that can occasionally be seen floating in the background. Another possibility is that Grendel was able to turn himself invisible, taking form only when killing.
How did Grendel get into the locked sanctuary where he killed all the women and children?
Granted, all the doors were locked from the inside, so there are only two explanations: (1) he was already in there, or (2) he entered through the same vent that Beowulf used to get inside.
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Rhona Mitra