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Bertie and Elizabeth

USA:120 min
IMDB rate:
Giles Foster
Country: UK
Release Date: 2002-04-02
Filming Locations: Assembly Rooms, Bath, Somerset, England, UK
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh
Elisabeth Dermot Walsh
Bertie and Elizabeth
James Wilby
King George VI, aka 'Bertie'
Alan Bates
King George V
Eileen Atkins
Queen Mary
Dolly Wells
Princess Mary
William Mickleburgh
James Stuart
Juliet Aubrey
Queen Elizabeth
Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Lady Mabel Airlie
Rupert Wickham
Charles Edwards
David - Edward VIII
Alexandra Staden
Young Woman
Nicholas Pritchard
J.C. Davidson
Oliver Ford Davies
Archbishop Lang
Geoffrey Beevers
Earl of Strathmore
Deborah Cornelius
Thelma Furness
Michael Elwyn
Lionel Logue
Amber Sealey
Wallis Simpson
Anthony Smee
Ernest Simpson
Naomi Martin
Young Lillibet
Jenna Molloy
Young Margaret
Moray Watson
Lord Dawson
Gabrielle Lloyd
Peter Eyre
Butler Simpson
Jeremy Child
Sir Samuel Hoare
David Ryall
Winston Churchill
Paul Brooke
Tommy Lascelles
Osmund Bullock
Radio Commentator
David Hatton
Bishop of Norwich
David Burke
Lord Reith
Simon Day
Robert Wood
Robert Hardy
President Roosevelt
Irene Richards
Eleanor Roosevelt
Helen Ryan
Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands
Joanna Hole
East End Woman
Michael Sherlock
East End Child
Ted Shepherd
East End Man
Hannah Wiltshire
Corin Redgrave
General Montgomery
Denis Lill
Clement Attlee
Terence Harvey
Sir Clement Price Thomas
Graham Bill
James MacDonald
Paul Aubrey-Rees
Press Photographer (uncredited)
Simon Paisley Day
Arthur Wood (uncredited)
Jack Whitehall
Little Boy (uncredited)
Did you know?
Denis Lill (Clement Attlee) previously played King George VI in The Gathering Storm (1974) and his paternal grandfather King Edward VII in Lillie (1978).
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In a career rarity, Robert Hardy appears in this film, but not as British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. Instead, he plays Churchill's counterpart, American President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
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Just before his coronation, the new king George VI describes the coronation crown as Edward the Confessor's Crown. He would presumably know that the crown is in fact a replica created for the coronation of Charles II, although it is often referred to as St. Edward's crown (Edward the Confessor having been made a saint).
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The Duchess of York is shown as being pregnant at the time of her and the Duke's first visit to Lionel Logue. In fact, the visit took place in October of 1926 when the infant Princess Elizabeth was already six months old.
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A British Movietone Newsreel, complete with commentary, shows the Duke of York attending the Empire Exhibition at Wembley. This visit took place in October 1925 - not only is this four years before Movietone News began in Britain, but it is two years before sound film was invented. The Exhibition was covered by British Pathe News but the film is of course silent.
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Queen Mary: I think my son is rather keen on the Strathmore girl.
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King George V: I have no pretensions of being able to run anything. But I do know a few fellows who can. I'm a very ordinary sort of chap... as are you, David. The difference between us is that you seem to be unaware of this very important fact.
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Archbishop Lang: My feeling, Sir, is that the wedding of these two young people - the Duke and Duchess of York - should be filmed, if that is thought appropriate, but not be allowed to be recorded over the wireless. The people might listen to it in *inappropriate* places.
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Elisabeth Dermot Walsh Jeremy Swift