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Beyond the Rocks

80 min (2005 alternate version) | Spain:76 min (DVD edition)
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Sam Wood
Country: USA
Release Date: 1922-05-07
Filming Locations: San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, USA
Rudolph Valentino
Lord Hector Bracondale
Gloria Swanson
Theodora Fitzgerald
Edythe Chapman
Lady Bracondale
Alec B. Francis
Captain Fitzgerald
Robert Bolder
Josiah Brown
June Elvidge
Lady Anna Anningford
Mabel Van Buren
Jane McBride
Helen Dunbar
Lady Ada Fitzgerald
Raymond Blathwayt
Sir Patrick Fitzgerald
Frank Butler
Lord Wensleydon (as F. R. Butler)
Gino Corrado
Guest at Alpine Inn (uncredited)
Mary Foy
Clementine - Theodora's Older Sister #1 (uncredited)
Lucien Littlefield
Sir Lionel Grey's Associate (uncredited)
Larry Steers
Guest at Beachleigh (uncredited)
Adele Watson
Sarah - Theodora's Older Sister #2 (uncredited)
Leo White
Pageant Director (uncredited)
Did you know?
Lost for most of the 20th century, a copy of this film was discovered in April 2003 in Haarlem (The Netherlands) in a private collection. It was restored by the Nederlands Film Museum and the Hagheflim Conservation and was screened in 2005, complete with English dialogue screens in place of the original Dutch, at the Cannes film festival. It made its television debut on May 21, 2006, on Turner Classic Movies as part of a nine-film tribute to Rudolph Valentino.
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When Husein Ben Ali and his men are being chased away by the soldiers, a crew member steps in front of the camera during the wide shot of the scene.
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Theodora Fitzgerald: [to Lord Bracondale, after he has saved her life a second time] Fate seems to send you to me when I most need you, Lord Bracondale.
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Theodora Fitzgerald: I could never live under the shadow of my broken word!
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Sarah - Theodora's Older Sister #2: I wish he weren't quite so impossible.
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Photos from cast
Gertrude Astor