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Big Trouble

85 min | Turkey:74 min (TV version)
Comedy | Crime | Thriller
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Barry Sonnenfeld
Country: USA
Release Date: 2002-04-05
Filming Locations: Florida, USA
Budget: $40,000,000
Opening Weekend: $3,545,204 (USA) (7 April 2002)
Gross: $7,262,288 (USA) (16 June 2002)
Rene Russo
Rene Russo
Big Trouble
Sofía Vergara
Sofía Vergara
Big Trouble
Tim Allen
Eliot Arnold
Stanley Tucci
Arthur Herk
Tom Sizemore
Snake Dupree
Johnny Knoxville
Eddie Leadbetter
Dennis Farina
Henry Desalvo
Jack Kehler
Leonard Ferroni
Janeane Garofalo
Police Officer Monica Romero
Patrick Warburton
Police Officer Walter Kramitz
Ben Foster
Matt Arnold
Zooey Deschanel
Jenny Herk
Heavy D
FBI Agent Pat Greer
Omar Epps
FBI Agent Alan Seitz
Jason Lee
Andy Richter
Jack Pendick
Michael McShane
Bruce (as Micheal McShane)
Daniel London
John / Ivan
Lars Arentz-Hansen
Leo (as Lars Arentz Hansen)
DJ Qualls
Cullen Douglas
Fly by Air Captain Justin Hobart
Flip Schultz
Fly by Air Co-Pilot Jan Vigushin
Patrick Mickler
Cigar Buddy
Gerald Owens
Cigar Buddy
Mitchell Carrey
Cigar Buddy
Nathalie Rose
Heather Weintraub Kramitz (as Nathalie Latronico)
Jon Kasdan
Jack Pendick Trainee (as Jonathan Kasdan)
Ian Marioles
Editorial Assistant
Philip Nolen
Ken Deeber, Miami Herald Editor
David Koepp
Annoyed Sports Radio Host (voice)
Barry Sonnenfeld
Confused Sports Radio Call In
Jay Rasumny
Courier #1
Ruben Gomez
Courier #2
Antoni Corone
William Spaulding (as Antoni Cornacchione)
Siobhan Fallon
Fly by Air Ticket Agent (as Siobhan Fallon Hogan)
Kava Stewartson
Sour Airport Security
Gloria Laino
Airport X-Ray Operator (as Gloria Kennedy)
Carmen López
Airport Stern Security Woman
Mark Salem
Fly by Air Baggage Handler
Renato Campilongo
Gang Leader
Marc Macaulay
Airport Officer Arch Ridley
James Martin Kelly
Geo Salesman
Dave Corey
Cellmate Dwight
Selma Cipes
Retiree #1
Sid Raymond
Retiree #2
Jody Wilson
Retiree #3
Maurice Alevy
Retiree #4
Mia Finnegan
Aerobics Announcer
Eric Geller
Aerobics Announcer
Paul Barth
Airline Pilot
Martha Stewart
Paul Aldane'e
In BMW - Traffic Jam (uncredited)
Dave Barry
Lawyer (uncredited)
Trish Dempsey
Tourist (uncredited)
Deborah Smith Ford
Bag Lady (uncredited)
Johnathan Hodges
Police Officer (uncredited)
Kitty Kavey
Airline Ticket Clerk (uncredited)
Jesse Kozel
Vollyball Player / Thug (uncredited)
Al Quinn
Tourist (uncredited)
Marci Savitch
Tourist (uncredited)
Ethan S. Smith
Airport Security Guard (uncredited)
Did you know?
Chloe Sonnenfeld:  Riding a scooter as Puggy and Anna run through the airport.
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Tom Sizemore and Jason Lee previously appeared together in Enemy of the State, though they didn't share any scenes together.
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Jason Lee and Dennis Farina also appeared together in "Stealing Harvard" the same year.
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At Joe's Stone Crab, when Henry Desalvo is talks to Bruce and friends about cigar smoke and manners, he calls his steak "a great New York strip." In the previous scene, the steak on his plate was either a T-bone or a Porterhouse.
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When Snake shoots at Eliot and Anna through the gate window, he shoots only the top window out. When Eliot runs out to catch the plane, he leaves though the bottom window, which is supposed to be intact.
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When Eliot's boss turns his computer towards Eliot, the computer is on. When Eliot kicks it, the screen is blank.
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Alan Seitz: What makes you think this is the first time?
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Eddie: Let's get the hell outta here, Snake. I think I hear one of them silent alarms.
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Matt Arnold: Uh, Jenny's mom opened the door, and I came running up to squirt her. And then, uh, Mrs. Herk jumped me... or jumped ON me. And, uh, and then I went down on Jenny... or I f-fell on Jenny.
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Rene Russo Sofía Vergara Chloe Sonnenfeld