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Black Christmas

98 min
Horror | Mystery | Thriller
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Bob Clark
2 wins & 2 nominations
Country: Canada
Release Date: 1974-12-20
Filming Locations: 6 Clarendon Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Budget: $CAD686,000
Gross: $4,053,000 (USA) Production Dates February 1974 -  May 1974 Filming Dates 25 March 1974 - 11 May 1974 Copyright Holder © Copyright Film Funding 1974 Related Links
Margot Kidder
Margot Kidder
Black Christmas
Nick Mancuso
Nick Mancuso
Black Christmas
Olivia Hussey
Keir Dullea
John Saxon
Lt. Ken Fuller
Marian Waldman
Mrs. Mac
Andrea Martin
James Edmond
Mr. Harrison
Doug McGrath
Sargeant Nash (as Douglas McGrath)
Art Hindle
Chris Hayden
Lynne Griffin
Clare Harrison
Michael Rapport
Leslie Carlson
Graham (as Les Carlson)
Martha Gibson
Mrs. Quaife
John Rutter
Laughing Detective
Robert Warner
Sydney Brown
Jack Van Evera
Search Party
Les Rubie
Search Party
Marcia Diamond
Pam Barney
Robert Hawkins
David Clement
Cogan (as Dave Clement)
Julian Reed
Dave Mann
John Stoneham Sr.
Cop (as John Stoneham)
Danny Gain
Tom Foreman
John 'Frenchie' Berger
Man on snowmobile (uncredited)
Bob Clark
Prowler Shadow
Debi Weldon
Sorority Girl (uncredited)
Did you know?
Despite its ominous themes and plot, Olivia Hussey reassured that the set was a very light and happy place between takes stating everyone got along with each other very well. She did however admit that Margot Kidder was rather distant from cast/crew during the filming.
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Bob Clark stated in an interview that he couldn't recall whose eye was used for that infamous shock scene where Jess sees "Billy" staring at her from behind the door. It was possibly Albert J. Dunk, the camera operator who played Billy during some of the murder scenes, but it has never been confirmed just whose staring eye has given countless viewers nightmares for all these years.
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Composer Carl Zittrer said in an interview that he created the bizarre music score for the film by tying forks, combs, and knives to the strings of his piano so the sound would warp as he struck the keys. Zittrer also said he would distort the sound further by recording audio tape while putting pressure on the reels of the machine to make it turn slower.
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About seven minutes into the film, when "the moaner" calls, you can very clearly see the boom mic at the top of the frame as everyone gathers around the phone to listen.
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When we see Claud the cat during the first malicious phone call he's rather short-coated, but later he's become conspicuously more shaggy.
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When Claire Harrison enters her room there's no Christmas decoration on the door. Afterwards a bow shows up on the same door.
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Lt. Fuller: [hands Nash a form] What's this?
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Barb Coard: Oh, why don't you go find a wall socket and stick your tongue in it, that'll give you a charge.
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Sergeant Nash: [Jess has managed to keep the caller on the line for almost a full two minutes, allowing the phone company to trace the call] Uh, Lt. Fuller?
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I just watched the movie and I'm confused about the ending. Who was the murderer??
The answer is, we don't ever know, and we aren't meant to know. The characters in the film suspect Peter, but obviously it wasn't him, because the killer is still in the attic at the end of the movie. Although the movie toys with the idea that 'Billy' (as the killer refers to himself in the bizarre phone calls he makes) might be one of the girls' boyfriends (like Chris or Peter), in the end we can only assume that Billy is a stranger. There are several clues during the film indicating that crimes have been commited recently on campus, such as the rape mentioned at the beginning of the movie. You're not meant to be sure if those references, the killings inside the house or the young girl that is murdered in the park is the work of a single killer, multiple killers or if it's a series of coincidences.
What is the body count?
1. Clare - Suffocated with plastic sheeting2. Ms. MacHenry - Hook pulley thrown into face/neck3. Janice - Found dead in the park4. Barb - Stabbed to death with a glass unicorn figurine5. Phyllis - Kiled off-screen6. Officer Jennings - Found with throat slit7. Peter - Bludgeoned with a fireplace poker (Killed by Jess)A girl is mentioned to have been raped in the park a few weeks before.Jess is implied to have been killed during the credits but it is unconfirmed.
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Photos from cast
Margot Kidder Nick Mancuso