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Black Swan

108 min
Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Darren Aronofsky
Won Oscar. Another 97 wins & 192 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2010-12-17
Filming Locations: Bowling Green, Lower Manhattan, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Budget: $13,000,000
Opening Weekend: $1,443,809 (USA) (5 December 2010)
Gross: $106,952,327 (USA) (1 May 2011)
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis
Black Swan
Natalie Portman
Nina Sayers
Vincent Cassel
Thomas Leroy
Barbara Hershey
Erica Sayers
Winona Ryder
Beth Macintyre
Benjamin Millepied
Ksenia Solo
Kristina Anapau
Janet Montgomery
Sebastian Stan
Toby Hemingway
Sergio Torrado
Sergio /
Mark Margolis
Mr. Fithian
Tina Sloan
Mrs. Fithian
Abraham Aronofsky
Mr. Stein / Patron (as Abe Aronofsky)
Charlotte Aronofsky
Mrs. Stein / Patron
Marcia Jean Kurtz
Costumer Georgina
Shaun O'Hagan
Stage Manager Sebastian
Chris Gartin
Sexy Waiter Scott
Deborah Offner
Administrator Susie
Stanley B. Herman
Uncle Hank
Michelle Rodriguez Nouel
Physical Therapist
Kurt Froman
Understudy for Siegfried
Marty Krzywonos
Leslie Lyles
John Epperson
Jaded Piano Player
Arkadiy Figlin
Piano Player
Tim Fain
Violin Player (as Timothy Fain)
Sarah Lane
Lady in the Lane
Liam Flaherty
Man in Stall
Patrick Heusinger
Rich Gent
Marina Stavitskaya
Ballet Mistress
Olga Kostritzky
Ballet Mistress
Christine Redpath
Ballet Mistress
Alexandra Damiani
Ballet Mistress
Rebecca Azenberg
Corps De Ballet
Laura Bowman
Corps De Ballet
Holly L. Fusco
Corps De Ballet
Abigail Mentzer
Corps De Ballet
Barette Vance
Corps De Ballet
Lillian di Piazza
Corps De Ballet (as Lillian Di Piazza)
Megan Dickinson
Corps De Ballet
Jessy Hendrickson
Corps De Ballet
Geneviève Lebean
Corps De Ballet
Rachel Jambois
Corps De Ballet
Ryoko Sadoshima
Corps De Ballet
Kaia A. Tack
Corps De Ballet
Lauren Fadeley
Corps De Ballet
Sarah Hay
Corps De Ballet
Adrianna de Svastich
Corps De Ballet (as Adrianna De Svastich)
Jamie Wolf
Corps De Ballet
Carrie Lee Riggins
Corps De Ballet
Gina Artese
Corps De Ballet
Rhona Fox
Socialite (uncredited)
Dj Jess
DJ (uncredited)
Anne Bergstedt Jordanova
Dancer (uncredited)
Daralina Komar
Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Tim Lacatena
Ballet Dancer (uncredited)
Todd Miller
Subway Rider (uncredited)
Carmella Stolyar
Assistant Stage Manager (uncredited)
Did you know?
Darren Aronofsky:  [Perfect Blue]  The overhead shot of Nina in the bathtub is an exact replica of a shot in the Japanese anime thriller Perfect Blue (1997). Years before, when making Requiem for a Dream (2000), Darren Aronofsky bought the remake rights to Perfect Blue just to use that one sequence for a scene of Marion (Jennifer Connelly) in a bathtub. Black Swan itself contains numerous similarities, both in narrative and style, to Perfect Blue, though Aronofsky has denied that it was an influence.
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Natalie Portman revealed that director Darren Aronofsky would subtly try to pit her and Mila Kunis against each other during filming in an attempt to increase the on-screen tension between their characters. This included keeping the two actresses separated during filming and sending each of them intimidating text messages about each others performance that day.
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Mark Margolis:  The Darren Aronofsky regular appears in the gala scene where Nina is announced as the Swan Queen.
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When Nina returns home after being assigned a role, she stands at her front door to go in. She is wearing her white scarf around her neck. She then puts her key in the lock and other hand on the door knob as she walks through the door to the other side, her hands are still on the door but her scarf is now over her arm.
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When Nina returns home and looks for her mother, after being assigned a role, a camera operator is visible in a mirror.
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Beth Macintyre: Perfect? I'm not perfect. I'm nothing.
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Erica: You're not my Nina right now!
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Thomas Leroy: If I was only casting the white swan she'd be yours. But I'm not. Maestro, Odile's Coda please. Now show me your black swan, Nina.
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What is the story behind the 'Swan Lake' ballet?
Swan Lake, composed by Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky [1840-1893], tells the story of Odette, a princess turned into a white swan by the curse of the evil sorcerer von Rothbart. During the day she must be a swan and swim in a lake of tears. At night she is allowed to be a human again. The spell can only be broken if a virgin prince swears eternal fidelity to her. Prince Siegfried falls madly in love with Odette but is seduced by Odile, who is really Rothbart's daughter transformed into a double of Odette. At the end of the story, Odette and Siegfried commit suicide by jumping into a lake together.
Does Natalie Portman do her own dancing?
Mostly. Portman took dancing lessons between the ages of 4-13 and resumed training a year before the filming of Black Swan even began. According to director Darren Aronofsky, there are 139 dance shots in the film. 111 are of Natalie untouched, and 28 are her dance double, Sarah Lane, mostly in wide shots involving complex en pointe work, such as fouettes (spins) and pique turns, and virtually all camera shots that focus below the waist on Nina's legs and feet. The two remaining shots required digital face replacement so the audience sees Portman's face instead of Lane's. Doing the math, Portman did about 80% of the dancing.
Who lives and who dies at the end?
The most literal reading of the film is that, in the confrontation between Nina and Lily in the dressing room, Nina is really alone and it is herself that she stabs with the glass shard. This means that Lily is really alive at the end. Whether or not Nina actually dies is left unanswered. Thomas calls for help, and the screen slowly fades to white, leaving it up to the viewer to decide whether or not Nina survives. A least literal explanation is that, if we accept that the whole story is a metaphor of growing up, then she doesn't have to die. Since the mother of Nina has always affected her, Nina was prevented from growing up in order to keep her disciplined, which helps her to be perfect (e.g. after her metamorphosis, she mistakes in a part at the show). If we say that the film is about ascendancy, then killing herself (or her 'white side') can be interpreted as accepting that she has to grow up.
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Mila Kunis