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Blodigt jävla helvete

Sweden:108 min
Action | Comedy | Crime | Horror
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Kim Ekberg
Country: Sweden
Filming Locations: A7, Visby, Gotlands län, Sweden
Jonatan Lyrefelt
Donald Musente
Stefan Ramstedt
Claude Moretti
Pontus Carlsson
Gustavo Barilla (as Pontus Karlsson)
Kim Ekberg
Dolmino Fussilini
Andrea Furberg
Izabella Scorupco
Sebastian Gårdhagen
Merkulius Papparazzo
Claes Göran
Florence von Plank
Steve Jansson
Mozarella Gorgonzola
Isabell Jonasson
Maria Pizza
Victor E. Kerschner
Don Vesuvio
Niklas Larsson
Bernt Lindqvist
Benito Tortelini
Ina Porselius
Cecilia van Bunk
Robert Sarkanen
Coop Formaggio
Did you know?
A spin off on the license was aimed to be shot as a TV-series called "Snugglepuss and Maximilian: Undercover Cops". The script was written and sold to Gotlandskanalen AB. But since the company was put in bankruptcy about the same time, the project did never see the light of the day. In this sequel it would have been revealed that Donald Musente did not die in the shooting. And his role would be as an Hannibal Lecter-like expert of serial killers at a mental hospital. The main plot would be about Coop Formaggio running for Governor of Gotland, and Snugglepus and Maximilian trying to keep his election promise to keep the streets clean from criminals. It would also include nazicommunists and aliens as enemies, and every episode would end with the song "Wrong 'Em Boyo" by the Clash.
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The film was filmed in only eight days, and edited and sound mixed in five. Kim Ekberg locked himself in the editing room and did all of the post production himself. Once a day Jonatan Lyrefelt provided him with food and CD's with the proposed music for the film score.
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Robert Sarkanen announced in August 2008, a year and a half after the films initial release, that he is preparing to make a fully color corrected, restored and wide screen matted reconstruction with a 5.1 soundtrack of the film in 2009.
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Victor E. Kerschners reflection is clearly visible in the window in the scene were Stefan is recording his journal.
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Musente states that he has read in a book by Mark Twain that Dolmino Fusilini is several hundred years on. Later on in the film Moretti claims him to be only 35.
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When Maximilian is photographing the suspect with an Axe, he is covering the lens with one of his fingers.
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