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UK:30 min (including commercials)
IMDB rate:
6 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2002-09-06
Filming Locations: Crystal Palace Swimming Club, Crystal Palace, London, England, UK
Leigh Francis
Various Characters / ... (26 episodes, 2002-2004)
Did you know?
In Series 3, Steve Webster, head of visual effects, had to design five bears. An new bear for Leigh to wear, a stuffed one and three robotic ones, one which the head moved, one which the arms moved and one which both arms and legs moved.
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For the shot like Ant and Dec and the Davina McCall interviews in Series 2 and the "Crappy Days" spoof in Series 3, the camera was set up in one place. Leigh said his lines in one place, swapped costumes and did his other line in another place and so on. The images were then fused together to give the impression that Leigh is in many places at once.
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To achieve shots where the viewer can't see the body of Leigh as the bear when there's no padding behind him, Leigh's head was through a blue screen and was then keyed in in post production.
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In the Michael Jackass episode where Michael Jackson is "Moonwalking", the camera crew is reflected in some shop windows as the pass.
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Craig David: Ya wot, Kes? Don't call her that, Kes! She's not a slag, she's me mum!
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Kelly Osbourne: [on Christina Aguilera] She's one of the most disgusting people in the world! Sure, she had an amazing voice, but that doesn't change the fact she's a total
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David Blaine: Later on I'll be milking beer from a cow, keep watching!
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