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93 min
Comedy | Drama
IMDB rate:
Christopher N. Rowley
Country: USA
Release Date: 2008-02-29
Filming Locations: Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, USA
Opening Weekend: $174,571 (USA) (2 March 2008)
Gross: $488,393 (USA) (13 April 2008)
Jessica Lange
Arvilla Holden
Robert Conder
Taxi Driver (as Bob Condor)
Kathy Bates
Margene Cunningham
Joan Allen
Carol Brimm
Bruce Newbold
Bishop Evans
Kristen Marie Jensen
Christine Baranski
Francine Holden Packard
Tom Amandes
Bill Packard
Laura Park
Riva Fox
Tom Wopat
Arlo Brimm
Ivey Lloyd
Evelyn Brimm (as Ivey Mitchell)
Evan May
Robert Brimm
Erin May
Lauren Brimm
Tom Skerritt
Emmett L. Johnson
Victor Rasuk
Lyn Vaus
Ryan Christopher Combe
Jayson Creek
Maitre D'
Jodi Russell
Vegas Call Girl
Christina Thurmond
Vegas Cocktail Waitress
Amber Woody
Skip Carlson
Steve O'Neill
Terry Murphy
Joe Holden I (In Photo)
Fred Schwab
Joe Holden II (In Photo)
Barby Garcia
Vegas Cocktail Waitress (uncredited)
Kari Hawker
Newlywed (uncredited)
Jason Jensen
Waiter (uncredited)
Nancy Roth
Waitress at Kozy Cafe (uncredited)
Did you know?
The car used in this film was a 1966 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible, of which about 11,000 were produced. The standard model came with a 389 cubic inch (6.4 liter) engine with 2-barrel carburetor that produced about 325 horsepower. It was also available with an optional 421 cubic inch (6.9 L) engine with 4-barrel carb or GM's "Tri-Power" carb. Turbo-Hydramatic 3 speed transmission was standard, manual optional. The front seat in the movie car was a standard split-back bench seat, but bucket front seats were also available. The dark copper-red exterior of movie car was not an authentic color offered by Pontiac-General Motors in 1966. Original available colors included Black, White, Milano Maroon, Nocturne Blue, Martinique Bronze (aka Martinique Gold), and a creamy shade of Yellow. The interior of the movie car appears original (judging by the door panels) and is white/ivory. Other available interior colors included Black, Nocturne Blue, and Martinique Bronze. The rear-view mirror had been removed from all of the movie cars, probably to prevent the chrome mirror housing from casting a reflection of the film crew. The opaque black steering wheel appeared to be an aftermarket replacement, as the originals were transparent acrylic, tinted to match the interior color, overlaid on a chrome circular rod.
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Rose Ranger was commissioned to write and performed the song "Soul Sisters" for Bonneville's premiere screening at The Toronto International Film Festival.
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During the filling station scene, as Joan Allen walks towards the car the shadow of the boom mic runs across her face.
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A stretch of highway with a large distinctive rock formation in the background is seen right before the scene in which Arvilla gives her friends their sunglasses and scarves. Much later in the film, when they are supposedly in another state, the same stretch of road with the unique rock formation (also same trees, etc.) is seen again.
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The license plate on the car has a 1A designation, which signifies Ada County, which is Boise. Pocatello is in Bannock County, which has a designation of 1B.
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Margene: [Arvilla washing dishes] When Ralph died I washed dishes non-stop for weeks. Eased the pain. Ruined my hands.
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Arvilla: [sobbing] He doesn't want to be sealed up in a box! He wants to be out in the world!
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Carol: I can't leave Arlo alone that long!
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A Note Regarding Spoilers
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Is there an official website for Bonneville?
The official website for Bonneville can be found here.
Is "Bonneville" based on a novel?
No. It is based on a script by screenwriter Daniel D. Davis.
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